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this just started so this is not my defenitive review.

As there is till no synopsis here you have it: Valery is your basic reincarnated person into the world that seems one of the novel. She says her current life is boring s the other one was. In all this she has news that a blacked haired girl was brought to a duke's mansion and she has this plan of getting to know her on a party. But a problem happens and upon watching how good the girl speaks she decides not to approach her. But the thing is he won't be able to walk away since she now was engaged to the duke itself! Will she live happy? Will she be able to get along with the girl? 

my first impressions is that the plot is awesome maybe a little bit similiar to that of Adelaide (it's a good manhwa), the art is really pretty although the characters eyes seem sleepy, the character until now are great and I expect a great developmente the MC is easily relatable, a little bit smart but not to the point we wouldn't see ourselves into her.

It's taking a good direction for now hope you enjoy it!

7.9/10 story
8/10 art
9.5/10 characters
7.6/10 overall

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Tamci Jul 3, 2020

I posted your synopsis and also your opinion in amino app, in amino manga. 

Tamci Jun 20, 2020

Hey! Is it okay if I'll use this sypnosis that you made? Don't worry I will mention your name in the post.