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cucumbers are my favorite vegetable

I have no other anime watching friends so please be my friend T^T


 Some of my favorite animes are...


                                         Gintama                                                        Yona of the Dawn                                               Violet Evergarden 

Honorable Mentions: Hunter x Hunter, My Next Life as a Villainess, Idolish7, One Punch Man, Chivalry of a Failed Knight



                                 news] Megane Tokidoki Yankee-kun is back on the latest Bessatsu friend  issue. Heres to hoping it gets licensed in English : r/shoujo                                                            One Piece                   The Way of the House Husband       Love is Hard for an Otaku     Megane, Tokidoki, Yankee-kun


                   Yamada-kun to Lv999 no Koi wo Suru Volume 5 Cover : r/YamadaKunToLv999NoKoi               

                        Loving Yamada at LV999           Kageno Datte Seishun Shitai       Busu Ni Hanataba Wo Baka               Koi Dano Ai Dano

 Honorable Mentions: The Devil is a Part-Timer, Horimiya, Honey Lemon Soda, Fiancé's Observation Log of the Self-proclaimed Villainess


Manhwa/Webtoons are cool too...

                            Dreaming Freedom - Neat Manga      

                                 Inso's Law                                                         Dreaming Freedom                                                          Out of Control

                                                    Monster Duchess and Contract Duchess                                     Spirit Fingers                   

                                              Third Ending - chovom - Webtoons - Lezhin Comics              

                                           The Twins' New Life           The Third Ending       Villains are Destined to Die        She's my Type

Honorable Mentions: Your Smile is a Trap, Afterschool lessons for unripe apples, My Ex-boyfriends fell in love with me, Daytime Star


and a bit of manhua...

RELEASE: 19 DAYS BY OLD XIAN Translations by...  ONCE MORE (OFFICIAL) | ReManhwa.com SQ: Begin W/Your Name! (Manga) | AnimeClick.it Read My Boyfriend is a Jinyiwei Manga English [New Chapters] Online Free -  MangaClash Hidden Love: Cant Be Concealed - WoopRead

                19 Days                           Once More                       Begin w/your Name          My Boyfriend is a Jinyiwei             Hidden Love


Honorable Mentions: A step closer to your heart, Secret Love, Chasing the Sun


 I don't watch lots of anime but I'd like it if you could drop some recommendations for me to watch :)

Drop some manhwa/webtoon/manhua and manga recommendations if you got any!

If you follow I follow back teehee~

Thank you


audi.a#5773:that's my discord if you wanna talk ~(^з^)-


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Sirscaredyclaude Jun 29, 2022

Hello miss! So what do you like most about Sora Takenouchi?

Xairyan Mar 31, 2021

Hi :) no problem, thanks for following me back :D Wow someone actually read my bio, I honestly didn't think people would bother so thank u very much for taking the time to read my.... rant lol. I finally found someone who agrees with the stupidity of unecessary comments, thank u.

Yea I am aware of the deep resentment the community has for Sakura. I think the problem lies with the main demographic in all honesty. I find in general its the female characters that garner the most hate, this to me is very problematic. If the male audience has this kind of attitude to depictions of females, it worries me how they actually feel about and view women in the real world. Its incredibly unhealthy and I for one being male myself cannot stand it.

There is a very good example of this in Diabolik Lovers. Now I haven't seen this anime myself, but I happened to stumble upon it and read the comments about the characters. Yui Komori (the main female lead) to my shock has an incredible amount of hate. So I decided to read why, and from what I can work out from the moronic rambling (of people who I hope hav different attitudes in real life) is they don't like her because she doesn't stand up for herself.

Stand up for herself against male vampires who are bigger, stronger and outnumber her who have also threatened to kill her. So I looked at the male characters profiles and sure enough they have less hate, so basically people are siding with the aggressors and the perpetrators of abuse over the victim. It's is honestly horrible. This is why I have grown to hate the anime community. Especially the male fans and sadly its not always the young immature guys either.

Unfortunately anime is without a doubt predominantly aimed at males, and equally unfortunate is that female characters are mostly written by males. There has to come a point where more women write the female roles to give a more realistic portrayal, then perhaps people will be less judgemental. I do also realise anime is fantasy and realism isn't what they go for, but others can't seem to understand the difference between fantasy and reality, if including more realism in anime is needed to change peoples perceptions of women then I'm all for it. If u look at my liked characters u will see nothing but female characters, because in all honesty I much prefer them over male characters. Its my way of show support I guess lol. 

Sorry for the long winded reply. But I believe it is a major issue in the community and one I don't think people address enough. Thank u, I hope u also have a nice morning/night aswell. Stay safe peace. 

kijimasimp Feb 21, 2021


kijimasimpFeb 20, 2021

Hiii. I think I understand what do u mean hahaha, but yeah I totally recommend it, I love Black Butler xd

Has a dark plot and interesting characters. The chronology is a little weird... cause it have an alternative story. The first time I saw the anime I was really confused so...

Guide to watch black butler:

-Season 1: chapters 1-6 and 13-15 are based on the manga. The rest are part of an alternative story 

-Season 2: Is not based on the manga. This season continues the alternative story

Ignore alternate history, these are based on the manga

1. Book of Circus (I loved this so much :') 

2. Book of Murder

3. Book of the Atlantic

Hope I've helped! c:

Resultado de imagen para black butler gif

ItsAkira Feb 21, 2021

Thank you so much for following me back.

Hope we can become good friends. :D

XZeLoX Feb 20, 2021

I didn't I plan to. The only reason I putted this picture is becouse I like it.