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Name: Alexander

Sex: Male

Age as of 2011: 16

Languages: Main is English. Others/Learning: Spanish, French, and Japanese

Gender attracted to: Female

School level: High School

State: Florida

Reason for Existance: Watch anime, read manga, uphold the Japanese name, and protect females

Personality: Kind, sometimes too kind, as I'm told. Will not hesitate to stand up for a girl or woman that is in trouble(unless it has to do with financial business, even so I will do my best). Men and boys....well, just tuff it up.Im a fighter, not meaning that I randomly beat people up, just a personality of mine.I dont know the meaning of the word "sleep".

Grades: ^_^' good enough to pass.

Country of preference: Japan and nearby islands

Additional information: Well, you will just have to get to know me


Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!



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What?! No manga ratings?

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himejideviluke Aug 12, 2011

-.-" im going to be away from any internet connections for awhile soon, just warning in advance if anyone is trying to contact me. Ittekimasu~

jrocklover Aug 9, 2011

^^;i know lots but i fall in love with many opeings of animes ^^ My favourite is the opening for Death note xD Light Yagami *.*.*.*.*

jrocklover Aug 9, 2011

Thank you ^^ Do you like jrock or kpop? Me and my random questions! xD

jrocklover Aug 8, 2011

reallyyyyy goood its my birthday today ^^