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Hungry Joker

May 1, 2019

Overall underwelming.

The main way I would describe this manga is as "like D.Gray-man, but not as good." In fact, it seems to be SO similar to D.Gray-man that it is frightening. From the main world, to plot, to characters, powers, good guys, bad guys, Everything. They all resemble D.Gray-man so much it is a surprise that there was not copyright claim on it.

To actually get into an analysis, the manga isn't actually that bad, it is just mediocre. Characters show up and fight with super-powers and concepts made moderately interesting in their usage and [art]style of how they are used.

Separately the comedy utilized by the work is fairly predictable but surprisingly capable sometimes, worth a chuckle here and there if you try not to think too hard.

All in all the manga isn't a waste of your time, but there are so many works more worth your time.

(As a random note [and the primary-side-character for the first arc] appear nearly idential to the two main characters of Black Clover. This may not be a sight-up negative, but I was surprised that their design was used again for that manga as well.)

4/10 story
5/10 art
5/10 characters
4/10 overall
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