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Hi. I'm love Vash. Like, I am really, really, really, really love love Vash. I'm mostly into older anime. I don't really keep up with seasonal anime and just watch what I want, when I want. My list is far from complete as remembering ~every single anime and manga I've ever watched and read~ is very, very difficult, especially manga-wise. I'm hardly going to touch the manga list, as a matter of fact. Also not gonna bother putting rewatches on here. I mainly play more games (mostly JRPGs) than I do anime, TBH.

My ratings generally follow the guidelines, though I give sixes to "forgettable, but fun" shows and the "1" score is reserved exclusively for shows that hold the honor of being "so-bad-it's-good" in my view. Also I put my thoughts about a series under tags instead of comments so people can read them right away.

Having been an anime fansince around 2004, I don't know if I'm quite qualified for the "oldtaku" label (Even though I have the taste of one, lmao), but when I do earn that moniker, I don't want to be the crotchety jaded kind, but rather, the kind that would be glad to help people discover classics they may have missed out on and happily share my knowledge about the history of the medium and fandom.

I'm an immigrant (more like refugee lmao) from MAL so excuse me while I get used to all the differences in format.

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Sirscaredyclaude Jul 21, 2022

Hello miss! So what do you like most Rem Saverem?

I relate to this character because she reminds me of my first Aquarius friend, personally-wise. Definitely one of a kind.

By the way, my little sister is close to your age. So yeah! You would be an iGennial.