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Dabioura Sep 11, 2020

Erwin is indeed much more interesting (imo). Levi is a character I don't mind, but they dont recongized actual characters that are amazing or like insanely smart. Most of the people only like him because of his looks. In reality Levi is more than just looks. This did make me somewhat mad, but after all its someone elses opinion.

LilyNadesico Jul 23, 2020

I thought that one of the issues to solve was the fact that the ninja system ITSELF was messed up...

The answer to your question is simple: because Lelouch is treated by the writing as the morally dubious and heavily flawed character that he is; while Itachi, we're supposed to think he's an infallible paragon of morality.

GracePalm346 Jul 23, 2020

Yeah I like Itachi but I know he cannot beat Madara

LilyNadesico Jul 23, 2020

The same thing that you like about Naruto, is one of the things I hate the most about it.

LilyNadesico Jul 23, 2020

You are just confirming the main reason why I hate Itachi: because the plot is contrived in such a way that his horrible action becomes justified. A mass murder should never be justified in my book.