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I enjoyed this story for what it was and felt a lot of potential at the begining, but it just got worse and worse until it reached an unfulfilling ending. If you're looking for easy to read shoujo with an MC that isn't all whiny, this is a good pick. Gets a little more convoluted later on.

No characters other than the MC are very interesting, but they do have their quirks and there aren't a bunch of empty bishie's. Clear romance, but not well wrapped up. Strong female character, but the romance sometimes takes that away from her. Once the romance picks up it's very much "omg where are you, i love you, dont get hurt" "stay away from my bb" for no apparent reason. Similar to other comics with female MC and isekai genre, so do expect some (annoying) tropes.

Art is clean and easy to look at if you don't mind a simple style. Buildings and backgrounds are hardly ever impressive, often just bland solid colors :/. A little dissaponting. Definitely not something I'd come for because of the art. 

Ending felt rushed and didn't leave me satisfied. Almost as if a story which had been relatively tame and young in audience was suddenly trying to be dark and mature. Just didn't fit in with the rest. I enjoyed the art and it was a fun read for the most part, just prepare to be more dissapointed the further you get. It's a true tragedy that something I found really fun early on ended up leaving me with such a sour taste.


One of my biggest pet peeves is isekai that really had no reason to be isekai.That's what this is. Being from another world has almost no relevance except for an easy explanation as to why she's so powerful. Do NOT expect it to be a major plot point or really, at all important. UGH just make a fantasy/historical/whatever, we don't need all this bandwagon stuff lol.

5/10 story
4/10 art
6/10 characters
5/10 overall
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