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Hi! I'm Christine, and I just recently got back into anime after a short hiatus; tell me what I missed out on/should check out, and I'll look into it 👀! If you follow me, I'll be sure to follow back when I get the chance!

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I'm very finicky when it comes to rating things but in general, my trend seems to be as follows:

5-4.5: One of my absolute favs; rewatch worthy; unforgettable

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0.5: Regret watching that (Haven't had to give one of these yet!)

0: I remember watching it, but I have no memory of it; might rewatch it to see but eh


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Yuri!!! on ICE OP History Maker cover by Dale North | Dale North▷ 22 + tokyo ghoul characters with pictures5 Anime to Watch If You Love Attack on Titan | Fandom

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Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms: Amazon.ca: Manaka Iwami ...A cultured guide to foreign movies | The Sheaf - The University of ...A Silent Voice (2016) - Watch on Netflix or Streaming Online ...Hotarubi no mori e (2011) - IMDbDou kyu sei – Classmates (2016) Movie. Where to Watch online ...


I'm fine with any genre of anime, but I am slightly partial to psychological, thriller, and adventure. Click here to see my entire anime list!


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Love Stage!!, Vol. 6 (Yaoi Manga) eBook by Eiki Eiki ...Tokyo Ghoul Manga Vol. 7 @Archonia_USTen Count (manga) - Wikipedia


From my manga list, it looks like I'm very biased towards BL, but I'm interested in everything, I swear! Click here to see my entire manga list!

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OkamiHime95 Jun 3, 2020

Hello, and thanks for the follow back. :)

How have you been?

Watching any good anime? ^^

SecretOtaku May 27, 2020

Violet Evergarden, as I mentioned before, is a journey of healing from the trauma of the war.  It is set after the war has been done.  The MC, violet, was raised to be a killing machine without any emotions, her superior (who was a fatherlike character) only had one wish, for her to be happy and to be able to love.  She goes to work as something called a "doll", which is people who write letter requested by teh public which is a very important job especially in a time such as this.  Violet is a fast typer but one thing she lacks that is vital to be a good doll, is to be able to convey someone's emotions into words since Violet has yet to be abe to feel others emotions.  As she impacts other's lives positively with her meaningful and beautiful letters, will she able to finally understand what her superior meant when he said that he loves her (in a fatherly way!).  It has made me cry so many times.

Some Violet Evergarden AMV's : AMV no.1 and the other one, which is only concertrated on her time at the war AMV no.2.  Speaking of AMV's, this is how I usually get hyped up and excited to watch anime, what are some of your favourite ones?

No problem!  I was a bit confused with the names/relationships/story but I am glad you are undestanding it so fast!

Thanks for sending the MV, it is beautiful in both sound and visuals.  I love the watercolourlike style, the transitions are pretty cool as well.  i have heard about Amatsuki alot and I am now going to listen to some more of their music.

SecretOtaku May 27, 2020

Exactly, just like the FL said, if you were to force the 'darkness' out on someone, then of course everyone can break.  Everyone can be good and bad.

I didn't really think any of the franchise was a masterpiece, the best one is 10 cm per second though as it had the most run time therefore the romance wasn't rushed and there was a little drama/tragic backstory to add more plot , rather than it being a mere romance.  

Attack on titan certainly is beautiful with the detail in the titans, buildings and scenery (personally, the character's art is okay but some of the hairs are a bit strange) The colour for no game no life is indeed very unique and that fits in perfectly since they are in a gameworld with surreal things all around.  Personally, Violet Everygarden has the most beautiful, from character to scenary, the eyes are really nice.  The art is only fitting to an anime about finding oneself again and learning how to love, it was an emotional journey and I cried alot.  Your Name also has amazing scenary, the skies are a masterpiece.  

Hypnosis Mic is one of those digital idols, they are rappers with a interesting world setting, I have read a little of the Hypnosis MIc manga.  You can find out more here: https://hypnosis-mic.fandom.com/wiki/Hypnosis_Mic_Wiki.  Some of my favourite rap music from them are: Hypnosis MicWelcome to the division.  They all have personality traits and backstories.  There are, if I remember correctly, 6 divisions and they have rap battles against one another and fans decide who wins apparently.

My favourite rapper is Narude as I mentioned before, he is the first rapper in this link.  I also relatively new to the fandom as well :>. I am definately going to watch the movie and I simply cannot wait for it to come out ^^

Have you seen this MV yet?  I just found it adorable

Ahlex May 26, 2020

Hi Christine! Thanks for the follow and I followed you back!

Hope you have a nice day/night (* ̄3 ̄)╭

SecretOtaku May 26, 2020

The system of how they sentance people to either reincarnate or go to the void is so flawed, as they acknowledge but by then many have already recieved unfair judgement.  The girl's death was certainly an interesting and just plain ridiculous way to die, its scary since it can happen to any one of us really easily lol.

Oh my, the MV you sent me were so beautiful, especially the first one, the voices between the singers were very unique and still amazing.  The second one was also really cute and I loved how they showed the sporty girl and purple haired guy during different ages, it just was really cute acknowleding how long they were together and the umbrella part was very nice as well!  I have watched the three animes and conclude that the Our Love has always been 10cm apart is by far the best out of the franchise as they are also my favourite couple.  Also another thing, I am glad the white haired boy got his own love on the MV!

The honeywork MV I sent you before, I actually found it through a fanmade video featuring hypnosis mic's buster bros +link+  <this is how I became part of the hypnosis mic fandom.  Have you heard of Hypnosis Mic before and/or like their music?  My personal favourite rapper is Narude from the Osaka Division ^^. 

I won't exatcly say the plot is bad for devilman's crybaby, but it is a shame that there was many graphic scenes but its just not my cup of tea.

I guess if you didn't know Isekai has become very popular nowadays (in manga anyway) then the genre does sound specific.  My favourite ones of this genre would be Miss-Not-So-Sidekick, Who made me princess? , Death is the only ending for the villainess , Inso's Law.  There are other really good ones but these are the ones I can think of right now.

Demon Slayer has often been mentioned for its great art and amazing plot, I have tried to read the manga but was distracted by some bL's, does it live up to the hype?

Speaking of DemonSlayer, I heard this character is pretty hated and likes in the community ^ Forgot his name tho, what do you think of him?

Also, what was the most beautifully animated anime you have seen so far, judging solely on the visuals?