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You know what? Three months like that, and I'm done with my third favourite anime (and favourite Precure series!)

Go Princess Precure has been a fun anime in my heart. It talks about your dreams and what you do to fulfill them. Nearly each episode, they would talk about someone getting trapped in a cage of despair and how teenage girls save said characters out of the cage. 

What I disliked: I didn't like Close, as I felt he was always doing bad things to Cure Flora, my favourite cure of all time. I hated their fillers, notably GPPC32. But that's pretty much all :>

What I liked: Their music. Yeah, like Conditions of being a Princess in Episode 39 or their second ending. The animation was decent, although some shots were in my opipion, could have been done better. Characters. Yeah, I like how they tend to zoom into their dreams in detail, and create unique lines, suited for their personalities. GPPC17 changed me as I longer hated Kirara and began seeing her postively. My favourite arc is the GPPC37-GPPC39, as they revlove around my best girl, give off enomtinal vibes (I like emotional scenes, if you were to ask me) and end off with a bang.

Overall: 9.7/10

I actually think that is the first season to watch, even though most say Heartcatch or Smile. Will make you realise your drea,s and find ways to get there

10/10 story
8.6/10 animation
9/10 sound
9/10 characters
9.7/10 overall

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