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Seraph of the End

Apr 25, 2022

i've read it all (113 chapters), still up to date to this day and i dont know why.

i guess, after finishing season 1 and 2, i wanted to see how mika and yu would evolve. that was a miss.

most of the characters were shallow to begin with : except for the vampires who ended up being the best part of the show. i hate hate hate the human side, especially yuu and his team, as they're being portrayed as the good ones or whatnot. the more the story goes, the more they sink deeper into their one-dimensional personality.

the plot in itself is incomprehensible : you have the hiragi, guren and the catastrophe, the first vampire shikamadoji, his overpowered relatives doing their stuff on their own, the past showcasing present characters in uncanny situations, and in the middle of all this mess, some randoms battles and events that take roots in nothing. 

notwithstanding, the reason why i'm having a hard time following this story is guren (spoiler warning) : the guy is responsible for all the chaos and deaths from the very beginning, what's more, for selfish reasons, his gf is a maniac who abused her sister and apparently messed up with some curses in the past sotryline as well, he neglects his friends for whom he destroyed the world, manipulates yuu, KILLS MIKA, for no valid reasons, and basically betrays people here and there frequently and gets forgiven. yuu forgives him more than once, shinya is in love basically and everyone still cooperates. even the readers are still fond of him. i really loath him.

the nonsense is getting the best of me, but wtf? he basically kills mika before the very eyes of yuu, we struggle to get him back as a demon (which i was really sad about) and despite all of that, they still meekly obey his commands. the fact that this characters gets praised all along is so annoying to me ; he once again comitted betrayal in the last chapters, just so you know it's a habit.

mika is, to me, and along with few vampires, the only sane character, and i quicly got annoyed seeing how every single characters treated him; calling him 'vampire' instead of his name, giving resentful stares, basically blaming him for every move made by the vampire even when it had nothing to do with him. it was too much for me when (spoiler alert) he started losing his emotions, and i gave up when he lost his memory. the only two who kind of respected him were yuu and shinoa, the latter i despise the less out of all the team.

anyhow, the art is immaculate and the chapters colossal. but, what for? i barely understand the idea behind the plot. it's messy and the characters development is of no help. i can't help myself but continue, hoping each time that it will get better. 

1/10 story
9/10 art
2/10 characters
2/10 overall

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