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Seraph of the End

Apr 25, 2022

this one is a weird obession. 

it's inherently bad ; average shonen with an unbeareable mc : the guy won't stop talking about family when decide to give up on them for his new plain and shallow teammates suspiciously fast. the guy has no values in life, he keeps acting like your typical shonen mc but worse. the teammates and him bound so quickly its frustating, considering his past trauma with the children from the orphanage.

on top of that, and that's no news, he's a chosen one. with no experience in combat whatsoever hes able to directly pass an exam to use top ranked demon weapons with his team while the others get average. 

the story takes places in an postapocalyptic, vampiric, cursed world, which is really confusing, yet having potential ; but it's wasted really quickly, falling into some basic nonsense.

however, i fell in love with mika and i can't for the life of me distance myself from him. he made me continue the show because i loved the way he is written, the va, the design, the personnality and the way he sees family. the guy is determined to go and save his only family, and its hurts to see him get put at the same relationship level as the newly met team.

btw (and spoiler warning) the relationship between the two is controversial for being bordeline, on the line between brothers and lovers. however in the manga (yes, i bring it down but i read every single chapters following the animated seasons) mika is canonly in love with the guy, so do what you want with that.

ep 11 was my only short-lived reconciliation with the show.

a pro: ost, op and voice acting is on point, i was really pleased with it. animation was also nice, despite the action scenes being sometimes a little awkward and gauche.

2/10 story
6/10 animation
10/10 sound
3/10 characters
3/10 overall

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