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Sep 22, 2014

This series is overall a nice slice of life about a calligrapher handa seishu who smacked the director of all japan calligraphy assosiation and as a result he was forced to move to an island out of nowhere to improve his art, when he have lived his whole life in city  .It is a story of how he improves his art while interacting with all the villagers , and understand fun of living with society ........

Plot wise it is a nice story with good opening act and a great follow through it have its bunch of funny moments which unlike recent tradition of comedy it is not ecchi, so it is kind of clean comedy which is sort of fresh breath.It is fun to watch how the interaction of Naru with handa makes some moments delightful, while delusion of glasses are also quiet funny.If I compare it to any series which is delightful & comic at the same time , only silverspoon comes to my mind. Though its ending seems kinda rushed which makes me feel unsatisfied. well it is also one of its charm (to tell a great story in a inmum span of 12 episodes).

Animation is one of its relatively weak point , though I will not say it is was bad , rather it suits the story perfectly but it is still lacking compared to other fronts of the anime, like background are kinda a plain, which is good but not vivid, character design was average except the main cast ,overall it was a decent art but not something noteworthy.

Sound and Character Design are its strongest point the , opening and ending theme are both nice , even ost are good and fits perfectly with the situation , also voice of voice actos are great and seems to fit the characters perfectly escpecially the role of naru. charcter are great and unique nothing more to say about them , they each have there own personality which are able to connect with the viewer and that is this anime's strongest point (though design wise they are some what lacking especially side characters).

Overall it is a decent anime which everyone should watch atleast once it gave a fresh breath of air to the viewer who is watching this series after watching all those main stream genre of extreme shounen action and mindless comedy.Though it is a slice of life , it is not a tear jerker type of story so it is kinda nice innovation in the genre of slice of life.

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8.5/10 story
8/10 animation
9.5/10 sound
9/10 characters
8.7/10 overall

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