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well the series had some good graphics , pretty good storyline, but i found it lacking on enjoyment front it some what feel out of place especially the characters (as per their early description, the only one to keep it strict to there early description was the locked genius,you know him),but as story goes and you got involved with charcters you find the stry little by little enjoyable after nanami entry to the dorm .

This Story don't have any weak point but rather is a balanced story within a crazy system (especially how school treates this den of geniuses).it doesn't hve astrong point which makes it stood out of other sries of its league ,it is neither a shoujou of overwhelming emotions nor a shounen of overwhelming feel of comradship but rather it sails between them.Also i found character design to be somewhat lacking as it doesn't fits personality of some charactes(especially senpai and sensei) though lead characters are well suited for there personality.stoory is astrong point of this series which gives you total different look to a life and attitude towards work, there is envy , love, jealousy,laughter,tears,enjoyment and even the FISTFIGHT (lol ) .

Art and sound are well done it not lacks in that front in any way neither background nor the the main and have beautiful openng and ending (you may like it).)

As for final verdict i find series not as a whole but divide in story arc (winter, summer, sprng ,graduation)It is an overall good seires which definitely your above average performance  but it don't leave any strong imperission in an particular aspect (like sao fight scenesor gto onizuka )it is an overall wel done job,and yes i like maid chan it is a very innovative character but near the end it doesen't feel right with the charcter when it seems as it's personality is human which I don't like (since it didn't remain an  AI anymore).but anyway give it a try if you like good animation with high school romcom. it will not waste your time

please reply for improvement, querries or any sugesstion.


8/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
6/10 characters
7.8/10 overall
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