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manga in which a particular aspect stands out even if overall is not worth it

1 Drifting Dragons

Drifting Dragons

the art is great,with gr8 design of charcters and a hugee cast and good scenery overall.But where this series fall flat is the use of those huge cast since it is very problemetic when within a single ch you are refrencing so much of cast,without focusing on a single one at a time.The char pov shifts very fast with no clear focus.And there is no apparanet deep logical and philosophical undertone.it is more or less basic stuff.And from the look of it ,it seems this manga is trying to do too much at once. Like being a cooking manga, being a adventure manga,bein a guild mana, millitay mercenary manga, with a group as a focus rather than an overal small central cast or ch wise shifting narrattive.in this series narrative shift at the drop of hat.

So this manga has a good art and a bit of everything.But overall it is boring.

2 Mujang


depiction of slavery though not hardcore you can still get the gist of how dark it can get.good description for younger audiences


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