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Benchmark episodes of series 2016 summer

episodes which really are the benchmark for anime as a whole. Which not only defines the potential of the series but anime as a medium in general.
1 Re:ZERO: Starting Life in Another World

Re:ZERO: Starting Life in Another World

voice acting of  episode 15 stands to be the best voice acting ever done in a episode ,I have seen in anime . This episode shows how a nime should be , from acting of characters to till credits rolling , this the final look on sub face everting was breat taking , which made me immersed completely in the anime.This is a new standard for me inwatching the anime ,the name of episode 15 can'tanything more perfect. Just watch it (after watching previous 14, for emotional build up). Though I must say it was a real payoff , made my ratings go from 3.1to 4.2 techinically this made this anime from  something I may watch and forget to near the very best seres that just missed the summit (for me).

2 Tales of Zestiria: The X - Age of Chaos

Tales of Zestiria: The X - Age of Chaos

ufotable have done it again , it is the perfect balance of cgi and anime as a medium , it sort of feels natural. though art and setting are done perfectly (as expected of a ufotable show), it was the prior part which made me fascinated seeing as currently a cgi full anime (Berserk) is trying to do the same thing , though falling miserablely in it .


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