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Solo Leveling

Nov 28, 2020

People always claim that this is the best manhwa, but I feel like it's because they haven't read any other ones.

Every chapter is the same with the character defeating monsters just to level up. It repeats like this for the rest of the story with more higher level bosses come in. The MC doesn't have any development to him at all, and no, leveling up does not count towards his development. There's nothing memorable about him besides him being a hunter. There isn't anything unique about this story – nothing that stands out, and before you say it's because there's still more to come, the story's still ongoing: I've already finished the entire novel. I know that the entire manhwa is just going to continue being like this. 

The only thing that makes this manhwa stand out is because of the art. The art is so amazing that it blinds people from recognizing that it's a very repetitive, bland story. Also, the high praises towards this manhwa is probably from how satisfying it is to see him become OP and fight all of the battles. Just a reminder though that a book being satisfying does not attribute to it being quality work.

6/10 story
10/10 art
6/10 characters
7/10 overall
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