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A short review...

This anime follows Saiki, a boy born with all manners of psychic power. You can imagine life  would be unreal for anyone with such power, but Saiki, somewhat a pessimist and in so many ways bored with his power could argue it's not so great. Mundane activities and things an ordinary person would find well... ordinary, are the things Saiki misses out on the most, and so many activities he finds are interrupted by his powers and become draining experiences for him. Though he wishes he could partake in so many of these mundane things, in the end Saiki is so used to his powers that have become such a routine part of his life that life just wouldn't work for him without them. 

The story is lighthearted and an easy watch, filled with plenty of comedy and a mix of a not so ordinary slice of life. The occasional 4th wall break is done skillfully, though still a strange thing to watch, but entertaining none-the-less, as Saiki's life is anything but dull to a veiwer. Saiki alway's finds himself involved in things he'd prefer not to be, with the painfully troublesome people in his life and likes to avoid any attention by any means possible. Though basically plotless the story is well crafted and every character is skillfully given a background and "purpose" in the show.

The animation is bright and colorful, though abandons the common soft look that features in so many other slice of life genre anime. This anime uses the stereotypical expressions, backdrops and effects in a way that's... stereotypical but, the situations themselves are not. Though the animation is good it is not noteworthy or anything that make you go 'uaah'.

Just as the animation is nothing particularily outstanding neither is the sound, though with that being said there is nothing to complain about either. The voice actors and foleys do their jobs well and anything to pitfall is a matter of personal preference.

Each of the characters adds to the story in important ways, which in turn results in none of them managing to leave saiki in peace. All of the characters can fit to thier stereotype extremely well but the show explores a little more of each of the characters than usual. The stereotypes aren't just character stereotypes but rather the stereotypes of anime itself such as; colorful hair and super fast healing: which is explained by Saiki as his doing to normalize his anomalies.

Overall the anime is one to watch for easy to follow and comfortably paced episodes, that don't leave you needing to watch more to be satisfied. 

8/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall

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