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Highschool of the Dead

Oct 29, 2011

Ever seen a zombie movie? Yes? Good, this will be similar to those. No? Well, then let me explain.

Story: This was your standard, zombie apocalypse anime. It starts off somewhat mundane, you'r average school life anime, for all of about 10 seconds. Then, all hell breaks loose as zombies pretty much spawn out of nowhere. The stroy then follows the protagonists as they attempt to find safety from the horde. It's done with enough action to keep you entertained, and with enough drama to keep the characters interesting.

Animation; Apart from the fact that most of the female cast comes pre-oiled for your viewing pleasure, the animation is stunning. Detailed backgrounds, intricate details on the characters, and even the zombies look great.

Sound: Ever wonder what a skull sounds like when it meets a broom handle? Well, you'll know after three episodes. The music score is upbeat and with enough dark undertone to match the story.

Characters: This has the blend needed for a good apocalypse team. The brainiac smart-ass, the ditsy eye candy, the skilled nerd, the battle-happy beauties, and the guy who serves as their leader. And while much of the appeal comes from watching the girls' bounce around, they are given backstories and dynamic personalities.

Overall: This was a bloody good time, emphasis on the word bloody.

8/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
7/10 characters
8/10 overall

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Malakai0 Nov 4, 2011

Great animation, great music, and a cool story. I of course got right to the manga after finishing ep12, and cannot wait for the second season, its going to be awesome. The anime ends with their arrival at the mall, great things to come.

Frankly I could not stop watching from ep1 right through to 12. Loved the characters, all of them (though the nurse is no doubt a stereotypical character and my least fav, though you need variety or the other chars arent properly brought out). It managed to be quite touching at times too.

Yes the eccho aspect is over the top, but it was intended to be over the top in many aspects, be it violence, sex, comedy, and romance. Anime like this makes our american live action zombie flicks seem so boring in comparison :(

Cant wait for S2!! IMO there is enough manga out right now (29 chapters atm) for a second 12ep season.

Kokoro911 Nov 2, 2011

The boob sizes in this show were ridiculous, but I have to agree that the viewing was fun. Great review :)

Tanimoto Oct 30, 2011

I really like this review. Gives you a great image of what you're getting into. I found it to be a bloody good time as well. I really enjoyed the detailed backgrounds. Certainly not for people who are adamantly against pre-oiling. :]