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As I start this review, I know I will have some trouble not comparing this new Sailor Moon to the originals. I will try it to bias anything.

Story: Girl becomes Sailor Senshi, girls finds friends, girl finds love. It's a pretty simple coming of age story. Except for the second half, which is a different girl's coming of age story. The reason I didn't rate this higher is because the pacing felt off. Villains were introduced and then immediately defeated. There was no give and take banter, no sense of danger until the big-bad appeared, no fun? It felt like plot points were explained, resolved, and immediately forgotten. 

Animation: Toei Animation, I called you out on this CGI bull-hockey in my review of Digimon, and here, in an anime nearly two decades newer, you did it again. The 2D animation is crisp (even if Usagi's face felt really out of proportion). It's when the transformations take place that Toei tries to get fancy and ends up looking unpolished. Like it was done by two different studios. Did... Did they outsource the transformations to the guys who make RWBY?

Sound: The OP is good, even if you will never be able to get "shiny make up" out of your head. I felt the ED was lacking. And there were times when the mood music just... Didn't suit the mood or felt repetive.  

Characters: Usagi might be the only person with personal growth in this entire series. The other girls deal with their personal insecurities, but it like "I fight it, I'm stronger now, I don't need to feel that way anymore". Because that's totally how that works. (Sailor Moon, therapists hate her!) The only reason this scored recently was because even without a lot of development, the characters are enjoyable. 

Overall: It was a decent series, and definitely sheds some light on questions I had from the original. I just felt it could have been done better. 

6/10 story
5/10 animation
6/10 sound
6/10 characters
6/10 overall

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