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Shortest Route to Studio Badge: Lesson 8: Studio 4C

So you want to collect all of the studio badges and become an anime master? But you simply don't have the time to spend watching an infinite number of episodes? Well, thankfully for you, Studio 4C specializes in short videos. If you watch the 25 entries on this list, you'll get that Studio 4C badge in about 2 hours, 52 minutes .
1 Turnover


2 Ayumi Hamasaki: Connected

Ayumi Hamasaki: Connected

This 3 minute OAV is all about the live's people lead. It's quick paced, a little destructive, and might have a lot of underlying questions if you stop to think about it. 

3 First Squad

First Squad

This 3 minute anime looks at the war front between Russia and Nazi germany in World War II. Studio 4C made a sequel that last 73 minutes and gives a little more background on this one. But hey, war, love, big stuff life that. All in a tiny anime package. 

4 Hitotsubu ni Kawaranu Ai wo Komete

Hitotsubu ni Kawaranu Ai wo Komete

5 Linkin Park: Breaking the Habit

Linkin Park: Breaking the Habit

This 3 minute music video is for the Linkin Park song Breaking the Habit. Anthem of rebellious teens in the 2000s. The music video reminded me of the first Apple computer comercial, you know the one uses Big Brother from 1984? The music video is at parts raw sketches being animated and at parts a little industrial. 

6 Extra


This 4 minute music video is a little like having a fever dream after watching something with robots in it. I don't really know what the music video was trying to say, but there's a homicidal robot, a guy on flying motorcyle type thing, and a bunch other other disjointed scenes. 

7 The Bluetones: 4-Day Weekend

The Bluetones: 4-Day Weekend

This 4 minute music video is the for the Bluetones song 4 Day Weekend. It shows a couple hanging in what looks like an apartment, and then things go the way things seem to go in a studio 4C video, and someone turns up the acid trip. Set against an industrial backdrop, it's an odd story of love, I think. 

8 Hikaru Utada: Passion

Hikaru Utada: Passion

This 4 minute music video is for Hikaru Utada. Yes, that Hikaru Utada who made the Kingdom Hearts song. In fact, if you played the game, you're going to recognize the music in this animation. The animation starts off with a type of wind spirit singing the song, and then shifts to Hikaru in a cloud-like dress. 

9 Jigen Loop

Jigen Loop

This 4 minute anime is yet another in the "what meds are the animators at Studio 4C on?" series. The main character is a humanoid with a camera for a head, I think, at least, that was the most striking character in the 4 minutes. Again, it's hard to tell what the story is supposed to be, since it cuts between a baron landscape with a strange alien and a fish girl bouncing all over the world. 

10 Glay: Survival

Glay: Survival

This 5 minute music video is for the song Survival by Glay and starts off with a strange blue light in a room before cutting to some girls walking and either dreaming about what they want to do with life or remembering past times. Until one of the triggers what I can only imagine is the apocalypse. I kind of wish I understood Japanese so maybe Glay could make sense of the music video for me. 

11 Haru wa Kuru

Haru wa Kuru

12 m-flo Loves Chara: Love to Live By

m-flo Loves Chara: Love to Live By

This 5 minute music video starts off black and white, with a singer emerging from the floorboards in what looks like an opera house. But then, everyone dons sunglasses and she gains the ability to breath color on her singing partner and the crowd. The animation reminded of old black and white cartoons, but with crisper lines. 

13 Rhymester: Hands

Rhymester: Hands

14 Eri Nobuchika: Yume no Kakera

Eri Nobuchika: Yume no Kakera

15 Toukiden Kiwami

Toukiden Kiwami

16 Higan


17 My Last Day

My Last Day

18 Attraction


19 Professor Dan Petory's Blues

Professor Dan Petory's Blues

20 End of the World

End of the World

21 Honey Tokyo

Honey Tokyo

22 Tobira wo Akete (1995)

Tobira wo Akete (1995)

23 Jack and the Beanstalk (Koji MORIMOTO)

Jack and the Beanstalk (Koji MORIMOTO)

24 Junk Town

Junk Town

This 13 minute short is all about an ever evolving robot that gobbles up scrap metal. It's fairly unassuming until the end. If you like colorful animation and robots, you'll like this. 

25 Hikaru Utada: Fluximation

Hikaru Utada: Fluximation


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