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Shortest Route to Studio Badge - Lesson 6: Kyoto Animation

So you want to collect all of the studio badges and become an anime master? But you simply don't have the time to spend watching an infinite number of episodes? Well, this list will tell you the shortest way to get the 15 anime needed for the Kyoto badge. Thing is, Kyoto has a lot of extra stuff they tack onto their main series, so it was a bit of a challenge moving things around to find the shortest route. In the end, I decided on Tamako Market, bits of Munto, bits of Haruhi, and the promotional "chapter" series from 2010/2011. If you watch this list, it will take 10 hours to get the Kyoto Badge.
1 Kyoto Animation CM: Hana-hen

Kyoto Animation CM: Hana-hen

This 30 sec anime is one of the promotional "Chapter" videos for Kyoto Animation. It depicts a bunch of kids running down a hill and planting flowers. In the shape of Kyoto's logo, of course. 

2 Kyoto Animation CM: Sora-hen

Kyoto Animation CM: Sora-hen

This 30 sec anime is one of Kyoto's promotional videos. It features a bunch of characters skydiving and leaving color trails behind them. As they fall away from the colors, it shows that they have formed Kyoto's logo. 

3 Kyoto Animation CM: Ajisai-hen

Kyoto Animation CM: Ajisai-hen

This 30 sec anime is a promotional for Kyoto anime. This one shows a group of girls asking the viewer to think of "Fantastic things" then dancing with umbrellas and dolphins. Honestly, I kind of wish this was a longer anime. It's really cute. 

4 Kyoto Animation CM: Hoshi-hen

Kyoto Animation CM: Hoshi-hen

This 30 sec anime is a promotional video for Kyoto. it starts off black and white, with almost sketch like quality. Then, slowly gains color until it bursts into full-color. It shows the process from storyboarding to full animation. Very clever. 

5 Kyoto Animation CM: Hassou-hen

Kyoto Animation CM: Hassou-hen

This 30 second anime is one of the promotional videos for Kyoto. It features a guy (is that a guy or a girl?) anyway, he's waiting by a fountain and keeps seeing this girl everywhere. Even the cat is turns into her! The art style is very geometric, very quirky, just like the small plotline. 

6 Kyoto Animation CM: Ikitaku Naru Omise-hen

Kyoto Animation CM: Ikitaku Naru Omise-hen

This 30 second anime is another promotional video for Kyoto. It opens with a flying airbus of some sort, piloted by a cat. It then follows a young girl with braids as she goes to what looks like a run-down building, but the door has an "open" sign, so maybe not all is inhabited. 

7 Kyoto Animation CM: Kasa-hen

Kyoto Animation CM: Kasa-hen

This 30 second anime is the last of the promotional videos for Kyoto. This particular anime shows a group of students about to be crushed by falling timber when out of nowhere: super-geisha appears? Wait... why does she have a rocket? and where was she keeping those umbrellas? And why isn't this an actual anime, that was awesome!

8 Shiawasette Naani

Shiawasette Naani

9 Melancholy of Haruhi-chan Suzumiya

Melancholy of Haruhi-chan Suzumiya

This 25 episode series clocks in at 100 minutes. Now, you don't technically need to see the main series to get your laughs from this one. The characters are all there, whatever seriousness there was is thrown out the window, and it's pretty fun to watch. If you do end up liking the characters, I recommend the earlier Haruhi series, not the one with 8 repetitive episodes. 

10 Nyoron! Churuya-san

Nyoron! Churuya-san

This 13 episode series is roughtly 26 minutes long. I put it behind Haruhi-chan, because you need Haruhi-chan to explain some of the characters. This series is a running gag about Churuyu and her love of cheese. 

11 Munto


This 52 minute long anime is basically "Chicken Little" meets magical boy. So, "The Sky if falling! The Sky is falling" and the king of the heavens has to find someone to stop the destruction. This series actually has one of the most dasterdly villains I have ever seen. 

12 Tamako Market

Tamako Market

This 12 episode anime is one of Kyoto's shorter series, and one of the few that had plenty of related anime without having a sequel. 

The anime follows Tamako, the daughter of a mochi maker, as she has fun with her friends in the baton club, helps out her neighbors in the shopping arcade, and deals with the antics of Dera, a talking bird from a strange southern island. 

13 Tamako Love Story

Tamako Love Story

This 78 minute movie is set a few months after the end of the anime. 

Tamako is now in her 3rd year of highschool and has begun to think of her future, as has her childhood friend Mochizou. This movie takes away a lot of the comedy in favor of a fairly simple love story. 

14 Minami no Shima no Dela-chan

Minami no Shima no Dela-chan

This 6 second short is set a few months after the end of the anime. 

Dera has returned to the southern island, and is enjoying time spent with the prince and Choi. Of course, Choi is not impressed with his style of mochi!

15 Tamako Market Specials

Tamako Market Specials

There are 6 episodes to the special, all about 4 minutes in length. 

The first 3 deal with a bar that Dera tries to open, and how the girls of the Baton club ruin his plans at every turn. 

The last 3 deal with Choi trying to adjust to life in the shopping arcade, and often failing due to absentmindedness. 


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