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Characters Who Have Lost Their Parents One Way or Another.

I'll be naming some characters who have lost their parents in what may be accidents , unknown or simply of natural causes ( This list may not contain everyone so if there is someone I missed please feel free to comment and I'll add them. I'll be updating the list twice a day when possible. )
1 Naruto UZUMAKI


Everyone Knows the tragic story behind the death of Naruto's parents.

The loving story of the sacrifice of a mother and father for their village and their son. Kushina and Minato(The 4th Hokage) died sealing the 9 tails inside the body of Naruto ( their newborn child )  after Madara set the 9 tails free to destroy the Village of Konoha. 

Their death left Naruto an orphan, with the Village people taking care of him. 

However, Naruto thrived, not knowing anything about his family until later in the series ( Naruto Shippuden ). He followed his dreams of one day becoming Hokage and earning the respect of the people of the village. (nothing makes me more proud :'C ) 

2 Edward ELRIC

Edward ELRIC

Edward and Alphonse Elric ( The two Alchemist brothers ) Lost their mom at an early age due to illness. They were left alone since their father had not been present in their lives after he left the house.

The two young alchemists in fear of being left alone decided to bring their mom back to live, breaking the forbidden rule of alchemy which is Human Transmutation. Bringing back the dead or creating a human from alchemy.

However, due to sadness and despair, both of the boys didn't listen thus resulting in them having to pay the price for their actions because of the Alchemy law of equivalent exchange which states ' Humankind cannot obtain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost'.

Alphonse lost his body and Edward lost a leg. In order to bring Alphonse back, Edward bound his soul to a metal armor resulting in him giving up an arm as something of equal value.

In the end, what they created was nowhere near being human. 

3 Allen WALKER


Allen Walker was formerly an Orphan who performed in a circus, that was until he met a clown named Mana Walker who he considered a father figure.

Mana taught him many things but one day He died. Allen is dispair was visited by the Earl, and asked him if he wanted to bring Mana back, Allen clueless of the Earl's true intentions agreed not knowing that he was sentencing mana to be an Akuma, one of the Earl's puppets.

Mana cursed Allen, giving him an eye capable of seeing and sensing Akuma, He was killed by Allen's master Cross Marian. 

Later in the story, it reveals that Mana was only using Allen to create the perfect vessel and bring back the 14th, Nea.

Confused and Afraid, Allen decides to keep moving forward even after founding out that he was only being used, he decides to fight against his destiny, letting everyone know that he is an exorcist and not a Noah, and he will always be Allen Walker and no one else.

( I'm really hoping for a third season, or some OVAs or a movie or something. Please Sensei answer my prayers )



If you've watched Black butler than you know that Ciel's parents were both killed in the ' Accidental ' fire of the Phantomhive mansion. 

Ciel was kidnapped by an association and tortured which resulted in him creating a contract with the devil, Sebastian. In order to track down everyone involved in the fire and kill them in return that he must give his soul to Sebastian when everything is over. 

(To tell you the truth, I haven't quite finished the series myself so if you want to educate me more on Black Butler and want me to edit this detail please feel free to let me know. Not gonna lie, Black Butler is pretty interesting.)

5 Kakashi HATAKE

Kakashi HATAKE

Kakashi's mom died when he was really young, and he was raised by his dad, Sakumo Hatake.

However, due to critics and depression, Kakashi's dad committed suicide leaving Kakashi to find his body and leaving him an orphan.

Kakashi did manage to Live and become the 6th Hokage of Konoha.



Being the spawn of Satan sure comes with surprises. Yukio's and Rin's former father killed himself after being possessed by Satan in the spite of sacrifice to protect Rin against him.

A lot of tragedy circles around Rin because of his true origins and his blue flames that can burn everything and everyone down.

7 Sasuke UCHIHA


If you watched Naruto then you must know about the Uchiha clan, the brothers and the amount of death that revolves around the Uchiha clan.

After Sasuke's brother, Itachi completely whipped out the Uchiha clan including their parents. Itachi left Sasuke alive and told him ' If you hate me, get strong enough to kill me' or something like that.

Sasuke surely went down the wrong path, consumed by revenge he left the village of the hidden leaf to search for greater power in order to be able to kill Itachi and avenge his family and clan.

The series later reveals the true reasons why Itachi annihilated his whole clan for the fucking sake of the goddamned Village. There's only one thing I can say and that's that no one deserved more happiness in the series than Itachi and Neji, oh and Obito too (who is also part of the Uchiha clan).

anyways, Sasuke later at some change of heart decides to fight in the 4th great ninja war against Madara and Kaguya, in order to later become 'Hokage' or so he said. which aka, never happened. Instead, he fights in the shadows to make sure things don't get out of hand. 

8 Kakeru NARUSE


Kakeru's mother commits Suicide, Kakeru blames himself for it because he refused to go with her to the hospital.

Kakeru is extremely depressed about the issue which later results in him also trying to commit suicide in order to Apologize to his mother.

A group of letters from the future are sent to the past in order to divert the outcome. It's a journey to change the future.

9 Tohru HONDA


Tohru's father died when she was young and then she lost her mother in her first year of high school leaving her an orphan and alone.

However, regardless of the pain of losing her parents, Tohru manages to fill with joy all of those around her.



Winry Rockbell lost both her mom and dad who were killed by no other than **********. ( I won't spoil it but someone in the comments probably will )

11 Eren JAEGER


Eren's Mother was eaten by a Titan after being unable to get out of the remains of the fallen house.

Eren's father is still alive however many theories have surfaced connecting him to many of the events in season 3. 

Eren and Mikasa along with Armin pledge to reclaim Wall Maria from the Titans at some point.

12 Yuushi INABA

Yuushi INABA

Inaba lost his parents in a car accident, causing him to live with his uncle and his family until he graduates in order to go study in Tokyo.

After the dorm he was going to move into is burned down, he realized he may have to stay in the place where he didn't feel quite welcomed, forcing him to find a place to stay in for 6 months (the youkai apartment)

13 Chise HATORI


We know that Chise's father abandoned Chise and Her mom and took Chise's brother with him.

Later on, Chise's mother commits suicide. Leaving Chise all alone, then she is sold in an Auction and bought by a mage.

However, Chise is still haunted by the death of her mom claiming that her mom hated her / got tired of her.

14 Kuri


Surely Kuri's background story is pretty sad.

His mom killed him and then she killed herself, however even if the afterlife she still haunts Kuri. Just that this time Kuri is protected by the people of the youkai residence. 

15 Akira FUDOU


Akira was previously living with close family friends because his parents were working overseas.

however his dad falls victim to a devil who possessed him and ate his mother, he lost both of his parents at once and he was the only one capable of killing them.

so that's what he did, he terminated the Demon who killed both of his parents.



( Haru and the other brothers also apply to the sense of orphans )

Ren was formally an orphan, we are not exactly to inform about Ren's background just that he was physically abused by his biological father or so they said, but as for the anime nothing much more than that was revealed.

Ren meets Haru who's also been adopted into to the Kaidou family, as Haru goes back home with his adoptive family they get into a car accident which claimed the lives of Haru's parents, Haru forgot all about Ren after the accident.


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Kirishima2007 Oct 23, 2019

I didn't actually know that so many people lost their parents well I knew Kakashi sensei did and me but so many people

FatMeatSh1eld Jul 8, 2019

Jonathan Joestar, Dio Brando, Joseph Joestar, Lisa Lisa, Okuyasu Nijimura, Keicho Nijimura, Yoshikage Kira, Bruno Bucciarati, Narancia Ghiriga

to be c0ntinued

gloomboi Dec 27, 2018

 here lets just transport every main charater in shounen ever and then bam Characters Who Have Lost Their Parents One Way or Another.

ChxrryBlossom Jul 15, 2018

Hinami from Tokyo Ghoul, too

aj0yf Jun 14, 2018

Aka, every anime character ever.