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13 Anime movies to watch when you want to cry.

sometimes we're looking for something to bring out our tears. luckily... I got what you're looking for. (if you feel i missed something please feel free to comment )

Characters Who Have Lost Their Parents One Way or Another.

I'll be naming some characters who have lost their parents in what may be accidents , unknown or simply of natural causes ( This list may not contain everyone so if there is someone I missed please feel free to comment and I'll...

Top 10 Hated Characters.

I haven't done a list of anything anime related I didn't like, so what better topic to do it on than characters? ( I won't be writing reasons for all because I want to avoid spoilers) ( I'll continue to add characters to this...

Top 10 Sad Animes That Will Make You Cry

Don't you just have that one anime that makes you cry ? That music that just touches your heart causing you to want to cry ?? Are you here looking for one ? Ready to go on a roller coaster full of emotions :)???

Top 15 Gruesome Animes To Watch

Everything from Heads flying off to blood-spattered everywhere, definitely something you wouldn't watch with a child. All the Horror fans who love this type of category must watch the following animes :) ( List may be in order...