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Fist of the North Star

Mar 31, 2010

There is one word to describe Fist of the North Star(Hokuto No Ken)- EPIC.

STORY- Pretty standard "invinceable hero must save girl from evil villian" for the most part. However, even though it is somewhat of a cliche, it is done so well it doesn't matter. The post-apocalyptic setting is perfect, the ultra-violence is always satisfying, the martial arts styles are interesting. Unfortunately a lot of episodes are identical and redundant tales of Ken annihilating interchangeable gangs and minor villians. The overall story arc is interesting though.

ANIMATION- This anime is from the 80s and it shows. Not very impressive by today's standards, but you got to cut it slack because of it's age.

SOUND- See animation. Oddly, the dub is so good that I actually prefer it to the original japanese track which is rare for me. Unfortunately the dub is incomplete and absurdly difficult/expensive to find. The dub would get a higher score on sound, it is impeccable.

CHARACTERS- Kenshiro is a great anime hero. Stoic, full of integrity, sorrowful, and of course ruthlessly violent towards the bad guys. I haven't seen enough to comment on the main villians yet, but Shin seems like a worthy bad guy.

OVERALL- Epic anime, any fan of martial arts or post apocalyptic stories has to see this. Some may find the series dated, but if you can look past that you will find a great old school anime.

6/10 story
5/10 animation
5/10 sound
9/10 characters
8/10 overall
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