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hakupaku87 Sep 5, 4pm
commented on Curiousmadra's review of While Being Seen Off by Campanella
I hope you found the completed translation on sites like Bato and or Mangago. It is a really good read and soo relatable. Thanks for your review... made me go find out if it was completed or not. 
While Being Seen Off by Campanella

It is really sad that the main character is suicidal after his breakup, him and the high schooler (yes it is a age gap but it’s just a story folks)are so cute together. I wish I was able to access more than 1 chapter...

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hakupaku87 Aug 26, 8pm
commented on paprikart's review of Ore to Joushi no Kakushigoto Tsuzuki no Hanashi
I totally agree. I finished it last night and read those last two chapters again a few more times. When those stars are breaking in Anezaki hands... I was balling. The feels in the last few chapters, the author did a great job. A little bit of a spoiler but . . . His hair at the end... really loved that the family accepted him and cut his hair 🥺. When he says to Mikado, "make me happy, because I'll make you happy". My waterworks started. Love, love, loved the ending too! 
Ore to Joushi no Kakushigoto Tsuzuki no Hanashi

I'm crying!! Anezaki finally accepted himself, he finally allowed himself to be happy! This hit so many feels, same as the first one but less angst and more acceptance. I just love the ending sm!! And plus the duck boat scene was too cute

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hakupaku87 Mar 19
commented on Yuuto KUDOU
I cried at your struggles. Absolutely love him with Miyauchi. No one could have stood by him more than Kudou. My favorite couple from the series. 😘