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Inuyashiki: Last Hero

Dec 29, 2017

I do not recommend this anime. I didn't like it, I found the story predictable and absolutely lacking depth, with very poor character development. I didn't like the animation and character designs either.

It started off mildly interesting as the protagnist is certainly different from your usual anime main character in that he's a 58 year old man who seems a lot older than his actual age and sees himself - and is seen by others - as totally insignificant and useless. And I'm not even against the irrealistic kick off to the show, the aliens that arrive and after killing by accident the two protagonists, in reviving them also change their bodies, turning them into machines endowed with incredible superpowers while maintaining their personalities, life stories and affections. It's the development of the story after that that is dull. How do the two protagonists use their new super powers? It's a good vs evil plot, completely superficial and banal, with an absolutely predictable ending. And, as already mentioned, very poor character development. Inuyashiki acts always in the same way and so does Hiro. It's repetitive. 

In conclusion, I see no reason to watch this.

4/10 story
4/10 animation
6/10 sound
3/10 characters
3.5/10 overall

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Jujucat May 13, 2021

After watching this myself I highly recommend you do not listen to this review. The anime was amazing and I'm glad I watched it myself

TwelveRats Apr 13, 2021

 These types of comments are everywhere. The anime was great, dont let this comment stop you from watching it. Make your own opinoin after you had seen or at least tried watching it. 

weebboy7767 Nov 2, 2020

It made me cry which I haven't done in a long time

Drewker Nov 24, 2018

I shudder to think of what you're idea of "good anime" is.  Not enough magical children with colorful hair in this one? 

First, I call BS that you "predicted" the story.  Obviously the protagonist and antogonist weren't hidden from the start, but nobody coulld have predicted Hiro's arc or his motives.  Did you also "predict" that Hiro would make an attempt to heal as many people as he killed?  

Second, to say the characters or the story lacks depth makes it clear that you weren't paying attention to anything but the broad strokes.  This is anything but a "standard good vs evil plot."  The story isn't about Hiro vs. Inuyashiki.  The story is in how society reacts to everything that's happening and the choices people make.  How Inuyashiki's family views him and how he views himself.  

In one of the earlier episodes, Chokko and Hiro are talking about manga, Gantz in particular.  Your review sounds like the "empty people" who were trashing on Gantz.