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Nov 8, 2014

Loveless was one of the first anime I saw. And it was really unsettling. But it's also probably one of the reasons why so many years after I'm still watching anime as avidly as ever. As I was watching it, I remember thinking that it was wrong in so many ways; Ritsuka is only 12 years old and Soubi is a university student, without mentioning him always being banged up and abused by his mother, and I think it's the only anime I've seen up to now where the protagonist is seeing a shrink - I mean, there are some controversial themes. And I also distinctly remember feeling that it was also wrong that I should love it so much. Years have passed since then and it's not so easy to shock me now. But it's still one of my favourite anime.

If I had to describe it in only one word, I'd use: intense.

The story is well narrated and well paced. Unluckily, nothing gets explained. I guess they were planning on a second series that didn't happen. To know if the story really makes any sense, I suppose you could read the manga. But I never did get round to doing that. Maybe it's lame, but sometimes it's better not to reveal everything, to keep wondering. Anyway, the story doesn't have an ending and you're left only with questions and vague suspicions.

The characters and the character development are why I love this anime. My heart goes out to Ritzuka, he keeps asking questions about the meaning of life and love, and none of them are stupid. I asked myself pretty much the same questions as a teenager, so I can empathise with him. He's just a scared and lonely kid, but he's got so much to deal with. Right after the murder of his brother, he gets pulled into this bizarre world of sacrifices and fighters he knows nothing about and has only his feelings to guide him. Obviously the best part is his relationship with Soubi and how it develops. But no spoilers. I think they're two touching characters who really move something inside of you.    

The animation is good and so is the music, the opening and ending songs are lovely, but also the background music during the anime is good. And I think the voice acting is good as well.

It's one of those anime I watch again every now and then. I would have loved to see a second series.

7.5/10 story
7.5/10 animation
7.5/10 sound
8.5/10 characters
8.5/10 overall

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