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ramomnf Feb 23, 2021

Do you think Yona of the Dawn is worth watching? I've started watching it, but so far I have a feeling this is just generic shit.

Eiraza Sep 9, 2020

Hey so I'm not entirely sure how active you are but I'm following you today mostly because I have a tendency to rate animes too highly, and although I think you're a little too harsh sometimes, I suppose 600 plus animes will do that to you lol. Either way you've seen a lot that I haven't so I'm mostly just going to be using you :)

AmekoHachimitsu Aug 20, 2018

Hello! I have been looking for friends online lately and I found your profile! I am really excited to find someone who doesn't rate every anime a masterpiece and likes to type giant paragraphs! Would you like to talk? I am only 17 and I assume you are an adult so I hope you are okay with talking to me.

22kittycats Mar 26, 2017

Omg I swear to god I only noticed your comment today >_< 

I can see and undertand where you're coming from. It's a very good argument you have there.. But I still think Sweetness and Lightning is really good, and I thinks so specifically because it is cute and heartwarming (for me at least). I believe we need animes like this as well not because of good characters or good story, but for the cuteness and ligh-heartedness...

anyway what I'm trying to say is let's agree that we disagree xD also sorry if I sounded a bit rude in my first coment 

Tacos360 Dec 16, 2016

Welcome, and hope you had a great Otaku Day!