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Yuri/Shoujo-Ai Anime Recommendations

This list is somewhat sorted. The stuff at the top contains high, obvious levels of yuri/shoujo-ai (AKA there are lesbians and you know it), and as you go farther down the list, the less likely it'll be obvious (AKA wow these girls seem to be "really close"). It's not really rated by how good a show is, so watch at your own risk >:D


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LadnarVonBoshaft Jul 9, 2019

Some recommendations to add:

Riddle Story of Devil

Flip Flappers

Strike Witches / Brave Witches (If I remember correctly, it is less obvious in Brave Witches)

shanejayell Jun 2, 2018

Neat list! Thank you for sharing.

mikachi Jan 23, 2018

I like it a lot ur list and thanks for sharing 😘

Mimidoll Sep 24, 2016

thanks for this my life is saved my plants have been watered my crops are growing strong

matthahn Aug 21, 2016

Very good list.