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Seoul Station's Necromancer is a novel I saw recommended from other titles I was reading like The Returner (poorly written, but interesting as you hang in there), Solo Leveling/I Alone Level-Up (a great story that becomes more fulfilling as you read to the end and epilogue chapters), and A Monster Who Levels Up (a title recommended but not reading yet). After completing Solo Leveling to then ploughing through The Returner out of interest, Seoul Station's Necromancer is a wonderfully refreshing read. The primary reason for its refreshing nature is its writing. 

The Returner has a lot of unneeded inner dialogue, explanations and exposition that bury the interesting details and plot climaxes with a bogged down pacing. Seoul Station's Necromancer cuts right to the chase in the right way. The pacing of the story as a whole down to the pace of reading sentence to sentence, paragraph to paragraph, scene to scene communicates everything you need to know while bringing the story to life and keeping your interest. If The Returner is a ramen pot stuffed with multiple flavorings that crowd everything out Seoul Station's Necromancer is that same pot limited to one Ramen flavor with an egg and nori seaweed that is made savoringly well. 

Readers familiar with Solo Leveling/I Alone Level-Up, The Returner, and Seoul Station's Necromancer will recognize something they all have in common: summoned gates. Each story uses that element in different ways. But each story's summoned gates are themselves, by their existence in the normal world, part of the biggest mysteries that drive the stories. Discovering what those mysteries are and what they mean are part of the fulfillment in reading the stories.

Characters are nicely introduced and described with each used to craft the story going forward. Some details about their appearance, their thoughts and actions are few but enough to communicate who the person is and their affect on the story. There is a nice balance of show and tell for characters, world building and plot development. Chapters are not long. In fact they seem to be on the shorter side. But each chapter has a purpose with a beginning and end that drives the reader forward without boring them. I would say each chapter excites the reader for what will happen next.

Anyone who is a fan of action-fantasy stories with protagonists who have/come to have overpowered strength with a mysterious and central part in the normal world's fantastical developments will like any of the first three titles written about to some degree. Seoul Station's Necromancer is perhaps the best in keeping you going with slim-but-essential details and driving plot development. Anyone who like a well written work can get into Seoul Station's Necromancer.

9/10 story
?/10 art
7/10 characters
8/10 overall
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