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Blue Giant

Oct 13, 2021

I feel like a manga about jazz can easily be overlooked but I urge you to give blue giant a chance. Though at first glance you may assume it would be boring, but Blue giant is honestly one of the most exciting mangas I've ever read. I grew up surrounded by music due to my parents influence and jazz was my mothers favorite, when I was little I never understood why. Jazz just seemed loud and inconsistant. As I grew up I understood why she loved it so much. Jazz is so emotional and carries your soul with it's spontanious rythum and the loud inconsistancies that once repelled me from it now draw me in. Even someone who is not a fan of jazz should understand passion for what you love, and at it's core that is what this manga is, Pure passion.

9/10 story
6/10 art
8/10 characters
8.5/10 overall

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TheNuisance1 Oct 14, 2021

I definitely agree that mangas as well as anime about jazz are easily slept on like all I know is Kids on the slope (watched the anime) and now this manga. I'm sure if I digged further there would be more material out there that's not in the public eye yet.