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I'm an obsessive anime freak from England, born into a family of my French, German, Italian, Russian and Japanese outstrip my English by about three miles. I am a big fan of European music, specifically symphonic rock (Leaves Eyes and Tarja ^^), although I also love My Chemical Romance and Three Days Grace. Because of my arguably bad habit of shutting myself in my bedroom for extended periods of time, I have pretty much no social life IRL, so anime is all I have. I absolutely adore the horror genre, I like my action to have a hint of supernatural, but I do have a soft spot for shounen-ai, although I wouldn't go as far as saying I'm a yaoi fangirl. I all-time favourite anime is Shiki, about evil vampires taking over a small village in Japan, maybe followed by Junjou Romantica, if you're going on how many times I've watched it (15). If I was, I would have jumped out of my window already. I generally dislike kiddie anime (both shounen and shojou), mecha makes my internal physics nerd cringe and I haven't been able to watch a single sports series for more than one episode. I really don't like Bleach, which is super-boring after the first hundred episodes, Naruto was funny up to episode three until I went on and found all the KakaIru slashfics, and anything badly dubbed by any American company is mostly unwatchable. Exception being InuYasha, because I can't find it subbed. My other non-sociable hobby is writing. Like my taste in anime, I like to write horror. Actually, I exclusively write horror. My hard-drive is full of random oneshot horror pieces, and I should probably clear them up at some point.

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kremlin Feb 20, 2013

Why is poor US dubbs and subs a problem for you if this (from your About Me) is true? - "born into a family of my French, German, Italian, Russian and Japanese outstrip my English by about three miles." Is that just a LIE?

XStormyXDayzX Jul 30, 2011

Hey, its official! Sekaiichi Hatsukoi is getting a season 2!! like soon! like september! Yay! :)

aimelovez14 Jun 24, 2011

Thank you for the suggestions!!!! ^_^

dakotasapphire May 1, 2011

Hi there! :0 your profile is awesome, and I wanted to say you have good music taste and anime(although i like shounen alot, horrors more awesome.) I love three days grace and my chemical romance.

kieiPL Apr 20, 2011

You're welcome =]


Well considering you don't have a big list of anime maybe you could tell me what anime you do like xD if I'm to give you any recommendations.