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Ixhishishi Oct 12, 2021

oh thank u! <3

Ixhishishi Oct 5, 2021

oh that's all right if u don't wanna say ur name, i understand. yeah i have discord i don't really chat in public servers but i am active on discord most of the time. most of the public servers are scanlation team servers i also use it for personal reasons. yes do send me ur username i'd love to add u! (btw my name is ishika call me whatever u want 😗)
anyways gakuen babysitters hits hard T_T 

[ps: am i being pushy? if i am pls do tell me...]

Ixhishishi Oct 4, 2021

oh lol whipped means u r so obsessed or too much head over heels.

Ixhishishi Oct 4, 2021

well a little ques if u don't mind... what should i call u? avoiding names are kinda hard for me😅 u don't have to tell me if u r not comfortable with it tho.

Ixhishishi Oct 4, 2021

thnx really.. i wanted to watch smth but i wasn't sure what to watch. imma go watch school babysitters now!