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Girls Bravo

Apr 11, 2011


There were some good things with the story, and there were some bad things. I did like how crazy things got throughout the series with the antics of the various characters, especially Miharu, and I also liked how even when the series did a common episode theme that seems overdone, like the hot springs episodes, they were able to spin it in a new way that was interesting. However I did find that the story was moved along by fanservice far too often, and the fanservice got way to formulaic. Its not that I think that there was too much fanservice, its just that its not good when it is the only thing that moves the story forward.


The art of the series was overall pretty good, with special attention to the backgrounds. The character designs were all together pretty good.


There were some problems with the characters that kind of made me not like this series as much as I could have. Kirie seems to be too violent towards Yukinari, who gets a regular beating from her for every moment of him accidentaly getting a glimpse of Kirie naked. Out of all of the beatings he recieved, which was around three or four an episode, he only really deserved one, when he was legitematly being a pervert. Kirie seems to have too much tsun and not enought dere. Tomoka is the most useless and annoying character I have ever seen, and this series would be greatly improved by her absense. Kazuhara is way too perverted in that his perversion is the only thing that keeps the story going many times, and to the point where it was just plain annoying.


Overall I feel that I would have enjoyed this series more if the characters were better. I would not recomend it right now, but I plan on watching season 2, as I hear things get better there.

5.5/10 story
7/10 animation
?/10 sound
4/10 characters
5/10 overall

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