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HarukaMURAKAMI Nov 25, 2020

I'm finding undead unluck (it's a manga) and Jujutsu Kaisen quite interesting at the moment, do you have anything you've found interesting recently?

lazlaw Nov 25, 2020

thanks also for follow
yes i saw a very good anime
is Darwin's game, it is the same as mirai nikki
I would prefer you to watch mirai nikki after Darwin's game

Catbeeisafraid Nov 25, 2020

Tbhk ( toilet bound hanako kun ) is fantastic, easily one of my favorite manga/ anime actually. It's about a girl named Yashiro Nene who wants her crush to return her feelings so she goes to the spirit of the bathroom Hanako San who is said to grant wishes.. But there's always a price. However things do not go how she expected. To be honest it is and seems really cute but it gets a little darker and more morose as it goes on. And sad. Anyways it's great and I highly recommend.

Catbeeisafraid Nov 24, 2020

Umm not really.. I've been reading who invited you recently it's fine ( perfectly entertaining ) not super though 🤷 I also recommend toilet bound Hanako kun the manga and the anime :)

Catbeeisafraid Nov 24, 2020

Hello, thank you for the follow! I don't really see why you ( or anyone for that matter ) followed me but I really appreciate it. Have a great day , night etc