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What makes an Anime/Manga/Light Novel/Visual Novel so special? In the Nerd Tab channel we try to answer that question, analyzing exactly what each of them teaches us! We have already talked about:

- "Perfection" in Konosuba !! NEW VIDEO !!
- Embarrassment in Chuunibyou;
- Influence in Bloom Into You;
- Maturity in Barakamon;
- Conflicts in Kaguya-sama;
- Talent in Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo;
- Happiness in Yuru Camp/Laid-Back Camp;
- Weakness in No Game No Life;
- Innocence in Madoka Magica;
- Adventure in Made in Abyss;
- Perfection in Toradora!;
- Choices in Re:Zero;
- Forgiveness in Koe no Katachi (A Silent Voice);
- Love in Death Parade;
- Relationships in Katawa Shoujo;
- Minorities in Interview with Monster Girls (Demi-chan wa Kataritai);
- Niihilism in Girls' Last Tour (Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou);

Let’s talk about Animes?

Link of the Nerd Tab channel:
(All the videos, as well the descriptions, have english subs, so fell free to come and check it out!)


O que faz um Anime/Mangá/Light Novel/Visual Novel ser tão especial? No canal Nerd Tab tentamos responder essa pergunta, analisando exatamente o que cada uma dessas obras nos ensina! Já falamos sobre:

- "Perfeição" em Konosuba !! VÍDEO NOVO !!
- Vergonha em Chuunibyou;
- Influência em Bloom Into You;
- Maturidade em Barakamon;
- Conflitos em Kaguya-sama;
- Talento em Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo;
- Felicidade em Yuru Camp/Laid-Back Camp;
- Fraqueza em No Game No Life;
- Inocência em Madoka Magica;
- Aventura em Made in Abyss;
- Perfeição em Toradora!;
- Escolhas em Re:Zero;
- Perdão em Koe no Katachi (A Silent Voice);
- Amor em Death Parade;
- Relacionamentos em Katawa Shoujo;
- Minorias em Interview with Monster Girls (Demi-chan wa Kataritai);
- Niilismo em Girls' Last Tour (Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou);

Vamos falar de Animes?

Link do canal Nerd Tab:

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I adore these characters


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Hikari420 Jan 7, 2021

naah , it's been a while since i watched smth and even visited this site...

HaruChii Jan 5, 2021

Hey, valeu pelo follow! Eai, assistindo/lendo muita coisa boa ultimamente?>

Opa desculpa não er respondido antes, não tinha visto antes :,> mas respondendo sua pergunta, to lendo bastante coisa até, finalizei um esses dias q to lendo faz 3 anos já. Assistir eu não to não viu, meio preguiçosa eu to~ to esperando a nova temp de Bungou Stray Dogs ainda aiai, espero q esteja bem e longe do coroninha
Feliz Natal e Ano Novo atrasado :D

OkamiHime95 Dec 27, 2020

Hello! I'm SO extremely sorry for the late reply! I had a lot going on, and have been dealing with some stuff. Anyway's, I hope you had a good Christmas/Happy Holidays. ^_^

HueMax Dec 24, 2020

- Hey, thanks for the follow! So, watching/reading something good recently?

No problem i always follow back, been a pretty dead season for my tastes so im just catching up on the series i left dorment from the previous season so far. Re-zero was great, just finnished it, not to mention theres the final season of Attack on titan, love the world and story. Just checking out what else there is on offer this season really, you got any suggestions?

TurtleSlayer Dec 21, 2020

Hallo, sry for the late response, and thnx 4 following back... :)
...  I am currently watching Attack on Titan and Assasination Classroom.... I've also been working on some of my secret santa picks, tht show now .. and Spirit Circle, which has been quite difficult to find, so I only was able to read the first volume.. :/ I'm probably just not looking in the right place..... I'll find it eventually........ What about you? Watching/ reading anything good lately?