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❤ こんにちは ❤


Welcome to my page! ♡

My dream is to travel to Japan in any case! I love the Japanese culture and the country represents a completely different world than the one I know so far. I am very interested in the Japanese language and in art. I like cozy days when it rains outside and I like to look out at night and watch the sky and the stars. Since I was little I have always watched Studio Ghibli movies. My absolute favorite movie is Spirited Away! ♡


About me:

♡ | Sagittarius ♐︎

♡ | Infp

♡ | I like to draw, paint & write - I let my creativity run free

♡ | I listen to a lot of music like Jrock, Jpop & Kpop

♡ | I play video games like Genshin Impact, Overwatch & Animal Crossing

♡ | Favorite genre: Shounen, Action, Comedy, Drama & Dark Fantasy



Genshin Impact

Xiao ♥ Kazuha | Waiting for Yae, Ayato, Ganyu, Yelan, Cyno, Thoma & Yunjin to come home


♡ Favorite anime series ♡




♡ ♡ ♡


♡ Favorite anime movies ♡


♡ Favorite manga ♡

[ Chainsaw Man ] [ Jujutsu Kaisen ] [ Demon Slayer ] [ Hell's Paradise ] [ Attack on Titan ]

♡ Favorite characters ♡








♡ Favorite voice actors ♡

Yoshitsugu MatsuokaJunya EnokiNatsuki HanaeHiroshi KamiyaNobunaga ShimazakiYuichi NakamuraShouya ChibaSaori Hayami

♡ | Openings & Endings

♡ | Favorite soundtracks

♡ My recommendation ♡

❤ Spring season 2021


❤ Summer season 2021


♡ チェンソーマン ♡


Chainsaw Man PV




0:10  ──────|────────────  2:35

|◁      II      ▷|

Abyss by Jin


❤ さよなら ❤


♥ Thank you for visiting my page ♥

♥ Feel free to leave a comment ♥

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HarukaMURAKAMI Sep 11, 2021

Hiya! Thanks for the follow 💗

your bio is really nice looks like it took some time with all the gifs 

wucchu Sep 11, 2021

Hello, thank you for the follow - I followed you back. Happy (a bit late) 2-year anniversary on this site! :D Your profile looks very nice and I'm thrilled to hear you enjoy rainy days and starry nights. ^^ 

I wish you a good day/night. :)

LittleRaven470 Sep 8, 2021

Hiii thanks so much for the follow!!<3

Also aah I saw you had 86 on your “favorite anime” list, it’s one of my absolute favorites too!! (along with Demon Slayer and Jujutsu Kaisen as well)

Kiwiiiii Sep 8, 2021

Hi and thank you for the follow!! 😊

I have a lot of characters that I really love in the game even if it's a 5-star or a 4-star but I would say the characters I really love playing in Genshin impact are Keqing, Venti and Kazuha. I also would really want the Raiden Shogun but i'm still earning a lot more primos for her because my 5000 primogems before were bombarded by one xiangling and a c2 Kujou sara 🥲

OkamiHime95 Sep 7, 2021

Ah, ok. No worries. 

You're welcome! :D I totally agree. Thanks! I've recently been learning Kanji, and know about 7 or so symbols now. ^_^

Yes, yes, yes! If you liked Kiki's Delivery Service, you'll really like the Live-Action version of it!

I've heard of them, but not sure if I've listened to any of their songs or not. I like some of Stray Kids! Particularly their song for the Tower of God anime. :) Do you have any recommendations for ATEEZ? Or any other Kpop stuff?

So to put it simply, Visual Kei is a genre of Japanese music, where most bands/singers wear costumes similar to Glam Rock. (Idk how to explain Glam Rock, other than KISS I think would be an example?) There's different versions of Visual Kei, but basically, Visual Kei is like different genre's rolled into one, like J-Rock, J-Goth, and sometimes J-Pop. Some examples of Visual Kei bands/singers would be Kamijo (and his bands Lariene and Versailles), Malice Mizer (particularly the Gackt & Klaha eras, as fans call it), Nightmare, The Gazette, SID, Asagi/D, Larc En Ciel, and Vamps. I do have more band/singer recommendations, but I think those just fall under J-Rock or J-Pop lol. But regardless, I would be happy to recommend more! :D 

I'll jot down songs that I recommend from the bands/singers I mentioned in another post, cause as I'm writing this, it's getting somewhat late.