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fufuri Apr 17, 2021

Leftover rants in my bio that I edited out and putting here instead...

it has forced comedy like making weird and over-the-top faces, that can make it get a score as bad as Miss-Not-So-Sidekick. It was like the editors told the author that people reactions are what make people laugh which in a sense is true but can be executed in so many other ways than in their expressions. Its what you say, your actions, or how interpret situations that can be funny.

fufuri Mar 31, 2021

Ok i'm going to rant here bc I don't want my bio being too long. Ok now.. I have a thing for when the MCs are the opposite of another.. for ex

  • demon v angel (hataraku maou sama!, i'm the ex-girlfriend of a solider)
  • loner v popular (the disastrous life of saiki k)
  • gloomy v upbeat (i am troubled my fiance is a villian)
  • tamer v beast (father, i don't want this marriage!)
  • pure v lewd (mousou telepathy)
  • hero v corrupt (the way to protect the female lead's brother)

My fav dynamic of these demon v angel! Any story that has this dynamic is likely in my top 10

But I also like MCs who similar to another like Classroom of Elite. (loner v loner= Ayanokouji v Hirokita) They my OG ship. I've been shipping those two since I started watching anime lol. I also really like the dynamic between MCs in the way to protect the female lead's brother, starting from the dynamic of MC being although being an enemy of the other MC but still helping him (it's hard to describe the story without describing stockholm syndrome) to the fact that they are kinda opposites in personality! I really love that manhwa!!!! UwU