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I only rate manga here cuz I already got a myanimelist. Its FuMarie btw

Comedy +  Dark Fantasy +Action + Adventure  = ♡

 To be a 3 or above, I have to be immersed in the story. When I'm immersed, I tend to like the characters more. So basically I have to somewhat care for the characters

To get a 3, it has to have good comedy. Humor is a necessity so if I don't like the manga's humor, it won't be getting higher than a 2.5. A story's humor can be what makes it a 4.5 instead of a 4. But there are stories that have little to none humor in it that get higher than a 3 and it's because there are other qualities that make me like that story so much.   

To be a 3.5, it has to have both realistic, likeable characters and good execution. I don't mind if there's dislikable characters, but having a character that's only purpose is to be hated or make the MC look pitiful takes my immersion away. This applies to <Monster Duchess> which is a shame bc I adore her foster family but her previous family is so heinous, that it's unrealistic. If a manhwa or manga has good execution but doesn't have likeable characters or a character I really like in it like <To be you for one day> it will not be above a 3.5 for me. But most 3.5s are decent stories with decent execution and characters, so the main problem I have with them is that I don't connect with the story enough. So...

To be a 4, the story will have to be somewhat special to me. All 4s and above mangas either mean something to me and/or are special or different from the other mangas. 4s and above are the gems of the manga and manhwa world that stand out from the rest, just really good reads!

To get a 5, the world development must be 👌🏼which means it has to introduce the world in a natural way. Good world development can also make a fantasy world feel real and for me it means making the MCs a vulnerable entity. I want feel like the MC can die at any time like the real world and are really struggling to survive.

MY favorite series rn is: So I'm a spider, So What?.

My favorite manga rn is:Mata Onaji Yume wo Mite ita !!!!

It's like the Your Name/A Silent Voice of MANGA!!! I love it so muchσ(≧ε≦σ) ♡!!

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ImRandomJean Sep 20, 2021

Thx <3
It's from Shinigami ni Sodaterareta Shoujo (the title is longer but it's enough to find it)

If you search it on the website zerochan, there are other backgrounds which are also cool !

asiy17 Jul 19, 2021

Other then slow updates I really like it but I actually dropped a lot of series because of that and then Korean stories started getting popular and I really got into FFF-class trashero it was so good I went from reading the man what to Rawls to novels to more with more chapters and I found it in Russian but I stop around chapter 200ish because of this bîtch that fucking annoys me, it was so much better when she wasn't there like I didn't even mind the angel but I seen this turning into a dragon ball z harem so i let it go, it's regrettable but whatever I still have several decent ones I never feel like finishing even though I really like them but yeah definitely could give you my top recs

fufuri Jul 14, 2021

At first, <The Man Graced by the Gods> seems pretty  average.. But now Ryouma my comfort character (╥_╥) I've never had a comfort character b4.. mb bc of the ost i played while I read the novel was real wholesome, but whenever I hear the ost it reminds me of ryoma and I kinda miss him tho I don't think 'miss' is the right word.. I loved reading his story, without romance and him just playing with his slimes(* ̄▽ ̄)b its was just so peaceful,, I wanna read a new chapter so bad (>m<) btw I was listening to was Natsume Yuujinchou OST , genshin, and other things

fufuri Mar 31, 2021

Ok i'm going to rant here bc I don't want my bio being too long. Ok now.. I have a thing for when the MCs are the opposite of another.. for ex

  • demon v angel (hataraku maou sama!, i'm the ex-girlfriend of a solider)
  • loner v popular (the disastrous life of saiki k)
  • gloomy v upbeat (i am troubled my fiance is a villian)
  • tamer v beast (father, i don't want this marriage!)
  • pure v lewd (mousou telepathy)
  • hero v corrupt (the way to protect the female lead's brother)

My fav dynamic of these demon v angel! Any story that has this dynamic is likely in my top 10

But I also like MCs who similar to another like Classroom of Elite. (loner v loner= Ayanokouji v Hirokita) They my OG ship. I've been shipping those two since I started watching anime lol. I also really like the dynamic between MCs in the way to protect the female lead's brother, starting from the dynamic of MC being although being an enemy of the other MC but still helping him (it's hard to describe the story without describing stockholm syndrome) to the fact that they are kinda opposites in personality! I really love that manhwa!!!! UwU