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Jujutsu Kaisen

May 10, 2021

Kudos to me watching an anime relatively within the time it comes out for once. Yee~ Anyway, this might be long or short, uh, depends on how I go about this. Nevertheless, let's break it down.


Alright, so the story isn't original. Literally from episode one, all I could think about was Blue Exorcist (another anime I'm currently obsessed with), and based on the recommendations, Bleach as well. Both deal with demons and an exorcist type of deal to an extent... (Blue Exorcist quite literally.) However, I like the approach it has. I feel many are quick to knock an anime/manga simply because it reminds people of another. Personally, that's close-minded thinking and if you're the type to do this, you should think more openly. It's not necessarily the idea that has to be original, but the execution. I don't care how similar of an overall idea Jujutsu Kaisen is to other anime, I find it charming. The characters are likable, regardless of the two schools. Even if the pacing is a little slow to fit the season, they take their time building characters properly instead of leaving them to be just blank side characters. Honestly, if they didn't care that much about the plot and world-building, they would have had Itadori consume all of the fingers if not most within one season. I feel like there's a lot to be determined yet, but I'm intrigued nonetheless. 


Definitely a strong suit in my opinion. I was super into watching more episodes simply because it looked so clean and sleek. The facial expressions and body movements are great and really focus on helping the viewer visualize the intensity of all those hits. I find the character designs nice as well, even the more extreme ones. Also, they're super good at drawing the deformed humans/monsters. Double kudos.


The voice acting was great. I don't think I ever had an issue with it. I also equally love the music. Not much to say here.


Okay, so there are quite a few characters thrown at you so I'll only really be addressing the ones that stood out the most i.m.o. (aka had the most background deep dives)

  1. Yuuji Itadori - Main protagonist boyo here! Okay, so starting with the kidnapping scene in the beginning really threw me for a loop. I'd say without a doubt that the flipping between past and present can take a little getting used to since it throws you in and out of the action. Back on topic, however, I really enjoy his character. Hell, Sukuna is a positive in my book too even if he's literally just an evil demon. MC is a certified ditz but he's got determination, aka the special ingredient for being a shounen protagonist aside from some op powers/backstory. Quite literally, he's op... (for more reasons than one.) I think him being able to kick and bunch around a demon right off the bat is insane since Fushigoro, a far more experience Jujutsu Sorcerer at the time was having issues with it. Granted he still got knocked around a bit, but it just stood out to me as odd. He's got heart and despite being op in some moments, he still gets hurt a fair amount to where he's not unbeatable.
  2. Megumi Fushigoro - Apparently MC's right-hand man here has some kind of lingering OP potential as well. You really get to see the extent of what he can do towards the end of the season. It was honestly unsettling to see his usual calm and collected self just snap towards the end. I enjoyed seeing him be able to grow as a character as well. Also, they touch upon his apparent childhood delinquency and bedridden sister. I appreciate him getting some more screentime since I feel he was definitely lacking for a majority of the season till the end.
  3. Nobara Kugisaki - At first I thought I was going to hate her since I initially found her attitude annoying. However, upon meeting Mai, I find her far less insufferable. Her backstory involving her childhood friend was great and I hope they give her more screentime as well upon the next season. They did touch upon her abilities during the last episode which was cool. Especially getting to see her go all out with a crazed expression has me reeling- 
  4. Satoru Gojou - Despite being an MC, he doesn't get that much screentime either actually. Mostly because he's the most OP sorcerer in the show. It honestly shows how ridiculously strong his abilities are and how he punts curses around like it's a cakewalk. We don't know much about him aside from how powerful he's rumored to be. That and he has the most yaoi Esque pretty boy design when he takes off his blindfold. Honestly, I was wheezing just seeing the design he has. I know it's supposed to make him look special, but I couldn't just not wheeze anytime I saw his face-

Speaking of funny things regarding characters, I LOVE Toudou. Like genuinely so much. He's honestly an asshat to Fushigoro but his friendship arc with Ita was super nice. Also, a lot of comedic scenes came out of that which was equally as amusing. I couldn't help but constantly film funny scenes I saw from the anime with my phone to show to friends. 10/10. Super sad that some good side characters died like Yoshino. I know it had to happen to get that rage moment but man, they always kill the good ones-- funfact i find mai to be a horrible sister despite her backstory, yes.

In short, if you enjoy demons and anime plots similar to Bleach/Blue Exorcist, then you'll probably like this. I.m.o, the pacing is worth the wait.

8.5/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
9/10 characters
8.7/10 overall
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