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Hunter x Hunter (2011)

Oct 11, 2021


Hunter x Hunter is truly my favourite anime I can't express in words just how much I love it and cherish the memories I share with it to my heart. The plot is amazing, the characters are amazing, the WHOLE idea is amazing and I am so glad to have come across the show in my lifetime. The 1999 version is hilarious, fruity, and a classic back in the days while the 2011 version is deep, better animation style, and touching. Two absolute masterpieces. The movies are seriously good too.

My favourite characters in order are:

1. Killua (I'm sorry hes just so swag, adorable, cat-like, and goated, it broke my heart when he screamed during chimera ant)

2. Kurapika (Lemme just turn into a demon spider so he can strangle me in his chains- His va's voice is beautiful too and his whole character has amazing development same as Killua and he also goated)

3. Feitan (I kinda have a thing for villains idk why but Feitan HOLY CRAP I can't explain how much I love his character, he's just so damn attractive. The rest of the Phantom Troupe including Chrollo and Shizuku are also damn simp-wothy)

4. Hisoka (Trust me on this one, HE IS A GOOD CHARACTER. Idk why everyone makes such a big deal out of him, he's got that nice vibe about him and he's insanely hot like oml- He actually helps Gon & co. and he isn't evil and a part of the Phantom Troupe or anything like that. Yeah maybe he does act sus and very strange throughout the show but I see that as a charm-point if anything, it makes his character stand out. He's only pretty much interested in power and not the actual kids anyway. If we're talking about evil characters then yall should be concerned about me simping for Chrollo he's worse than the entire Spider because hes the leader etc)

5. Illumi (I don't want to hear anything negative about this guy like bruh he is such a great character and insanely hot. Maybe it's just my strange taste in chracters but I think he is quite decent and that he's not a bad person. Yes he's an assassin and has killed hundreds but oh well that's a part of his job am I right? Also the fact that I have a thing for traps/crossdressing/that type of thing might help too)

6. Meruem (PLEASE MANS IS TOO HOT IT SHOULD BE ILLEGAL. He got me feeling things I haven't felt towards an ant before... I beleive his character is good and that he's not a bad character at heart, it was just the way that he was brought up as he was combined with a lot of people's memories, preferences, etc. He is such a good character though and mad op. I ship him with Komugi because their love was pure and their relationship sadly ended when they died)

Anyways Hunter x Hunter is my all time favourite comfort anime that I've rewatched plenty of times and shared with my family and friends. The anime is goated and truly a masterpiece so I highly recommend. On another note, there's a lot of slander towards the Chimera Ant arc which I don't understand. Yes it might be a bit long with 62 episodes but it's definitely worth it. Its the most painful, brutal, saddening arc out of them all but with it come heaps more new characters, more plot, and more power in levels that I've only ever imagined in my dreams. The Chimera Ant arc is my favourite arc in HxH and I ended up watching the whole thing in less than a week. I assure you the slander is just overexxageration of viewers who were in pain from witnessing it all. The real stuff gets started from their afterall. Tbh I can't blame them from being mad about the arc because a number of characters that I didn't neccessarily prioritised but still liked were brutally killed off and a lot of tragedies occur. The Chimera Ant arc is when all hell breaks loose. WHICH IS WHY I LOVE IT.

Definitely watch the Hunter x Hunter franchise, hoped you liked my review, enjoy! 

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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