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0 - Gems

They deserve more love.

Best Anime Dad

They're not all perfect, but they genuinely make effort to listen, being present, and supportive for their children. It's the effort that counts. P.S. only based on titles I've read/watched.

Best Anime Mentor/Teacher

Regardless of their pupils outcome, I respect these characters' approach, competency on their respective field, teaching style, and compassion that they have for their students.

Best Anime Mom

WIP. Honorable mention: Onoda Sakamichi's mother (Yowapeda). P.S. only based on titles I've read/watched.

BL & GL - Deranged

Selected titles of the dark, messed up, quirky, obssessive, and a little (maybe not a little) crazy.

BL & GL - Soft and Tender Vibes

Conflicts are presented in lighthearted way. Art and overall vibes while reading makes it so.. soft. Not angsty, not that much fluff. Just.. soft.

BL & GL - Wholesome

When I read these I go "awww" and my trust in romance is restored 📈 Based on the overall vibes, some titles might be (a bit) angsty in the beginning/middle.

Favorite Anime

Glad I watched it.

Favorite Artist

Their art is *chefkiss*

Favorite Author

I vouch for their works, won't think twice to read.