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Heya, name's Ren (⁠◕⁠ᴗ⁠◕⁠✿)⁠ノ

Concerning Manga

My first manga was an old adaptation of Little Women I read in 2005, found in my grandparents' bookshelves. An avid manga reader ever since. In A-P for easier tracking of my reading list.

I could go for any genre except serious ghost horror (horror that meant to scare, not XXXholic or Hanako-kun type). Gore okay. Specifically I avoid ghost horror in any form (movies, drama, etc), they lingers in my memory and gets me paranoid 🥲

Well-developed storyline, art with depth/bold strokes, and distinct characters are always appreciated. Isekai and mecha are not among my first picks. Lately I'm more engaged in seinen, BL, and good ol' slice of life x comedy.

Online reading platforms (English version):

*) access only available in some regions

I keep lists to track what manga I read in each platform. I also enjoy making list of random pattern/trope I noticed while reading ufufu (⁠ ⁠ꈍ⁠ᴗ⁠ꈍ⁠)

Concerning Anime

I prefer to read. Once in a while I'll check on movies, or short series preferably 12-13 eps (1 season). Not keen on alternative endings and slow pacing, occasionally I watch in 1.25x/1.5x speed.

Nevertheless, I'm a sucker for banger opening and heartwrenching ending OSTs. Favorite J-pop musicians that I trust listen blindly: Monkey Majik | Homemade Kazoku | Maiko Fujita | Kana Nishino | Unlimited tone. Mandatory karaoke songs: 1/3 Junjou na Kanjou | Unravel | First Love

My two cents:

Currently hype on:

Manga Recommendation

Star rating based on personal enjoyment, insights gained, and how eager I recommend it. Read but no rating = didn't leave any impression to attempt fair rate. Dropped doesn't always means bad; mostly because of slow release, slow progress, boredom, or all of them at once.

I vouch for titles included here: Psychological Seinen/Josei | Detailed Background Art | Dedicated to a Profession | Favorite Romance | A Bit Different

Lowkey recommend titles rated ≥3.5. Rated 4.5-5 are damn good, worth trying. Rated 3 is 50/50; some I already liked enough to finish/keep reading, could be someone else's hidden gems/favorites.

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Thank you for folllowing me. I'm following you back. 

If you want to chat, feel free to leave me a comment about anything. I usually reply in a day if not too busy.


JustAkeno Oct 23, 2023

Hahah no problem! I usually don't care about anime intros but this one I feel like genuinely made the Anime a better experience to watch. I just loved that intro soooo much.

And if you wish to see more head pats, don't forget to follow! I'm slowly expanding my page, the "infinite" part of the title wasn't a joke.

My goal in life is to provide people with infinite headpats, everywhere and anywhere!~

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Headpats will save this world from destruction.

AnnaSartin Oct 15, 2023

When you can't find a character, it can help to look at the list of characters for the show they are in. Sometimes the spelling may be slightly different. :)