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1# Ten Years of Reading Sharpens One Sword [Original Poster]:

I’ve been reading web novels for almost ten years now, and I’ve never seen a cultivation novel as bad as Proud Immortal Demon Way. Oh wait, spending 24/7 eating and sleeping and collecting girls, you can’t fckng tell me this is a cultivation novel. The logic’s bad, the writing’s bad, the author’s moral principles are bad, I bought the package deal last year 🔥🔥🔥 I want anyone who actually likes reading this book to come in here and tell me, what the heck do you like about it? What’s going on in your heads? How big of a grudge do its supporters have against other people! I can’t take it anymore, I’m quitting!

2# Your Infatuated Pupil:

I’ve wanted to roast this novel for a real long time now💦…is there any point to the level of setting he made? People with golden cores and nascent souls aren’t any different from ordinary mortals, every time I see the story mention eating or sleeping I can’t bring myself to read any more, the setting’s basically just decoration. I can take getting slapped in the face once or twice, but getting constantly slapped with the same twists over and over again gets boring quick. Basically it doesn’t make me feel nearly as good as the legends say, it feels a little like false advertising…

This novel’s fans are real fierce though, I’m betting they’ll show up any minute to siege you, Airplane himself said his settings are weak – you’re on your own OP, take this potlid for a shield, I’m out.

3# The Swordsman Must Speak:

He writes like shit. Everyone who reads it is a stupid c*nt.

4# You, Sinful Beyond Forgiveness:

Who’re you calling a stupid c*nt? That’s a real lowbrow insult.

5# Overtaken by Longing, Mistaking Red for Green:

I knew before even clicking that the thread would be going this way. Every time people talk about this novel they always end up arguing ╮( ̄▽ ̄”)╭ every time without exception. I’m gonna pull up a seat to watch.

6# You, Sinful Beyond Forgiveness:

All these arguments are annoying as hell. What’s there to argue about, if you don’t like it that doesn’t mean others don’t, how hard is that to understand? You like it you read it, you don’t like it get out. If you’ve got the talent then write one yourself, do you understand YOU CAN YOU UP or not? The original poster’s complaining without even having finished the book, is there a point to whining for the sake of it?

7# Ten Years of Reading Sharpens One Sword:

I’m watching a bunch of elementary schoolers here. You even brought out YOU CAN YOU UP, that’s adorable. You kids should go study a few more years. Is it really okay for you to mess around on forums during the school year, if you can’t finish your homework the teacher might tell your parents. If you like it that doesn’t mean others are required to like it, I’m repeating that line back at you. Besides, I don’t have to eat an entire pile of shit to figure out what it is, OK?

8# Sha Hualing’s Little Bell:

❤️🤤🤤 I don’t think it’s as bad as OP says, I like reading this book, and I like Sha-chan, huehuehue~~~~

9# Peerless Cucumber [Philosopher]:

I understand OP’s feelings. I’ve been binge reading this novel lately, it’s really f*cking long, not only long but full of way too much nonsense.

I’ve never met villains with lower intelligence than the ones in this novel, the typical cannon fodder has an IQ of 40 while the protag’s IQ is 60, and the author writes disappointing plot twists like continuous 24-hour climaxes without ever wilting. The majority of female characters are all bimbos, and yet the one breath of fresh air, Liu Mingyan, never gets laid? Not writing scenes with the empress, are you f*cking kidding me?

All my fellow readers already roasted the setting around the first 30k written characters, so I’ll skip over that. Honestly the most interesting parts are the demon realm monsters, I would’ve liked if he wrote more of that. In the latter part of the story he’d have an entire family of 50+ girls all throwing themselves at the protag, you couldn’t even tell the girls’ personalities apart, plus his writing style is so unimaginably bad, if it’s a woman coming on stage it’s all “her soft bosom trembled”, trembled my ass you can at least use a different word, even just changing a character would be fine, y’know? I seriously wonder who the heck taught Airplane’s language class in elementary school!

The male protagonist isn’t written too badly though, the change from innocent and upright to malicious and cruel is actually pretty detailed and natural, he repays kindness with kindness and hate with hate, and the guys that need killing get killed without the slightest hesitation. Whenever I watch a good-for-nothing loser protag I always get the urge to punch him in the dick. Bing-ge’s worthy of getting called -ge, he’s dark enough and gives enough of those good feels, I like him!

That manslut Shen Qingqiu doesn’t need any explanation.

10# Cangqiong Mountain Stair-Cleaning Manager:

Does anyone here like Yue Qingyuan, I love soft and gentle gongs, nnnngh, quietly drifts by.

11# Warrior’s Hammer:

It’s boring. It’s not as good as Immortal XX Battle, nowhere near it. Now THAT’S a real cultivation novel, with a well-knit setting and a stylish plot. The author put a lot into it, they write really seriously.

12# You, Sinful Beyond Forgiveness:

OP got a real kick out of making those comparisons huh, lol.

13# Refusing to be a Plotholder:

Comment 9’s Cucumber-bro wrote such a long flame review, he must really love this book.

14# Ten Years of Reading Sharpens One Sword:

Replying to comment 12, lol I can’t say, right back at you. Sure there’s PIDW fans all over the place but do you think other books don’t have the same? Should I go back through the records and find a screenshot to throw in your face?

15# Cangqiong Mountain Gate Guard Platoon:

RE #10: Does anyone here like Yue Qingyuan, I love soft and gentle gongs, nnnngh, quietly drifts by.

Catch that sister in comment 10! You’re a sister, right!? I like Zhangmen shixiong too! I like him a lot! ☆\( ̄▽ ̄)/★ You can’t get any more moe than that constant spoiling with no bottom line! (´இ皿இ`) It’s a pity his SO was such a reckless shidi, he Bad Ended so hard I can’t even push their ship…

16# Qingge’s Blood Brother:

No explanation for manslut Shen Qingqiu +10086! My god I can’t believe comment 15 can actually consider scum like that moe. Thinking about him makes me wanna puke, just the fact he killed my fave is a black spot that can never be washed away!

I’ve always thought it was a real shame Baizhan Peak’s peak lord died so early, the Great Airplane just didn’t want to write him, otherwise there’d be other ships for us to stan.

17# Occasionally Filling Holes:

There’s a whole lot going on in those comments up there, is it just me or has this forum been invaded by weirdos…

18# Peerless Cucumber [Philosopher]:

Upthread, keep cool. This forum has a lot of Green JJ sisters 😎

19# A Stately Waiter:

Cucumber-bro definitely loves it, but his flames here aren’t nearly as strong as in the book’s comments section. Not malicious enough, minus points.

20# Hoeing Wheat is my Noontime Occupation:

The PIDW fans are fighting again, I can see this novel practically everywhere I look. The book’s level isn’t nearly worth the popularity it gets, if purple prose was water you can’t tell me Airplane didn’t invite the entire navy. Just wait until the next time an expert opens a thread, the minute they start analyzing we’ll know if he’s ballot stuffing or not.

21# Hoeing Wheat is my Noontime Occupation:

RE #4: Who’re you calling a stupid c*nt? That’s a real lowbrow insult.

You’re joking, a little kid who likes reading crappy novels like PIDW actually has the nerve to discuss people’s character. There’s nobody out there as lowbrow as you.

22# Qingge’s Blood Brother:

Those guys shooting off AOE cannons are throwing me for a loop. And comment 20 bringing up book discussion threads, is OP using a sock…Airplane has a lot of votes because he always uses every bottom-of-the-barrel trick up to rolling on the ground and stripping in order to get them…plus everything else aside, just look at how much he updates, 10k characters a day and 25k on weekends, not many people can manage that. Yeah. we’ll put the quality issues to the side for now.

23# Looking for Friends at the North Pole Every Day:

I wrote a Bing-ge/Scum Shen doujin _(:з)∠)_ Dunno if anyone wants to read it. Getting moe feels for a rarepair hurts as bad as ending up in the Gobi Desert, but looking for cute ships in Zhongdian works is a dead-end road to begin with.

24# Cangqiong Mountain Stair-Cleaning Manager:

Doujin-writing sister, don’t go! Is it an H fic!? I wanna see it pleeeeease!

25# Occasionally Filling Holes:

Airplane is still terrible at writing relationships, he’d be better off just not writing them. I get the feeling Luo Binghe doesn’t have feelings for a single one of his wives, he’s only using them. I can’t see what about him made all these women fall for him either.

26# Warrior’s Hammer:

As long as he collects all the girls, it’s fine. Who cares if there's romance or not?

27# Peerless Cucumber [Philosopher]:

Comment 25’s Hole-Filler-bro must be joking, you want Airplane to stop writing the harem? This book would lose 4/5ths of its content.

28# Overtaken by Longing, Mistaking Red for Green:

But I get the feeling I can tell which peak lord’s fallen in love with which peak lord…looks to the sky. Honestly, his same-sex interactions between brothers and fellow sect members and the like are more realistic and natural than any of the scenes he writes between Bing-ge and his wives, you could practically see the love with your naked eyes. Airplane’s seriously got a natural talent for yaoi.

PS: Sis from comment 24, guess beggars really can’t be choosers when you’re that thirsty…

29# Hoeing Wheat is my Noontime Occupation:

[Due to mentions of personal attack, this comment has now been screened and is awaiting edits from the author.]

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I just created an account and followed. Now I can see your recommendations and opinions on stuff! Also feel free to check me out on AniList as that has my anime and manga completed list (you dont need an account just to view).

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