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I am a full-stack Web Application Developer and Software Developer, currently living in Austin, TX. I have a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Austin University, and my primary focus and inspiration for my studies is Web Development. In my free time, I study astronomy and the psychology of human computer interaction.

In my opinion this debate on which is better Android or Apple has gone on way to long. The general public does not care and most “geeks” already decided which they will spend their money on. It is a mute point right now.

Apple is trying to sue makers of Android tablets and phones due to they look the same and have the same features, well guess how to use downloads app what my TV in my living room and the TV in the bedroom have the same features and look the same, even though they are build by different manufactures. They both are flat, they both have remotes that look the same and both are black. Same with my cars both have 4 tires, 4 doors and a steering wheel. I don’t see Sony going after JVC or Ford going after Chevy because of the way their products look and more than likely drive the same.

What I would like to see is Apple and Android give me something to go wow over and so far neither really has done it. I am tired of seeing Apple suing this company because of this, that and the other thing. If anyone should be sueing anyone it is Paramount Pictures suing Apple for ripping off Star Trek’s P.A.D.D. (Personal Access Display Device).

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