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caitlin Nov 2, 2007

Yeah, I heard about that. You're good at submitting them! XD (Holding back and still beating me for number this week, eh? :P)

 Oh, definitely! and then your number two spot will be mine. Before I work for better things ;)

caitlin Nov 2, 2007

If only I was as fast as you - I swear I'll catch up one day ;)

(By the way...I think it's cool you've got background in some many languages! I grew up in a multi-lingual country myself, so now I'm decent in three languages, and working on learning more, soon :P)

caitlin Nov 1, 2007

you're really good at recommending! XD

xaemar Nov 1, 2007

Hai! ^_^

My native language is French ^^

xaemar Nov 1, 2007

You speak so many languages??? O_O Are you good with French?

 (I speak only two languages...)