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ICeNoAcH May 5, 2008

hehe thx i'm surprized to see how many headbanging ppl love anime xD

what style ya listen to ?

ow yesterday i got my otaku button on my profile :)

i didn't knew i've seen that much anime lol guess i'm a real otaku now :d

grtz ICe... 

ICeNoAcH May 2, 2008


i got on your profile and thought damn guy from belgium, metal and anime, NICE ^_^

any recommendations for me ? :))

greetz ICeNoAcH 

Spudsy2061 Apr 25, 2008

Aw you pitched! I'm starting to learn now, and wanted to learn how to throw a fork but I can't do much of anything right now. My 12/6 curve is wicked though, and I struck out about 13 batters the last game I started thanks to it. My slider's ok, and my fastball's decent but my change-up sucks so bad. Anyway enough about me. UT2k4 doesn't get played by me a lot anymore either, because online play died thanks to a lot of other games. UT3 does suck, and I'm sticking to Godlike bots for now. El Hazard was good, but Kino's Journey was amazing. Of course, consider me biased since it's no. 1 on my top 5, but eh, you can take that for what it is.

Spudsy2061 Apr 25, 2008

First, I love baseball, so a fellow baseball fan is awesome, especially since most sites contain people who couldn't care less abouts sports in general. Second, I love the UT series, and it is porbably my favorite series of all time, with Call of Duty contending for that spot as well. Third, my X-Fire profile shows I love UT2k4 so much, with over 740 hours lifetime on it. Fourth, love you're watched list. Awesome stuff.

rameneater Apr 6, 2008

nice top five. escially jungle wa itsumo hale nochi guu(hare+guu) best show love it but never finished the series.