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deviantdenial Jul 15, 2008


You DROPPED Naruto and STALLED after the FIRST episode of FRUITS BASKET!

Why'd you drop Naruto? =[

Oh, and loooooove Death Note <3

crawller Jun 25, 2008

just dropping by to say Love your N.1 choice!! Death Note FTW!

kenshina May 29, 2008

Hello.  Just a comment while I am passing by.

Your avatar is in same time contrasting your signature and in some way kind of ironically harmonious (match).

Very impressed.  Almost surprised.  Positively.

foureyedalice May 9, 2008

I know- I've heard really good things about it.  It's on my to watch list and is close to the top of my Netflix, so I should be seeing it soon!

ICeNoAcH May 5, 2008

hehe well not bad names, i listen to everything as well but mostly it's Deathcore/metalcore genre :)