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(NOTE FOR THOSE THAT KNOW ME: Hey guys, I'm back. Just had an eighteen month absence from this site since anime hasn't really been rustling my jimmies much. I've been busy with things like college, uni, work, all that good stuff. Sorry for keeping quiet, I've been absolutely fine, just busy and not interested in anime. Just taking a break from it is all! Glad to be back!)

This profile is very much a work in progress.

Hey there! My name is Bill, and if you're new here, then glad to meet you! I'm a uni film student living in Wales. Brummie by birth, Welsh by teenage upbringing.

I first started watching anime in 2013, not long after I moved to Wales. The first thing I watched was Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture - a pretty unconventional start, but it's a start nonetheless. After that, I took some recommendations from some school mates and found myself getting more and more obsessed with the medium.

Of course, when I first started out, my tastes were very idealistic and ridiculously positive. I was a kid, what can you expect. And although I've grown somewhat more cynical over time, even taking a veeeeeery long break from anime from the end of 2018 to mid-2020, that doesn't change the fact that as a whole, I still think it's pretty cool! In fact, I'm really out of the loop with more recent anime. So if anybody has any recommendations for me, then please throw as many at me as you can!

My favourite anime show is JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. I watched it when I was around 15 and it immediately clicked with me. The over-the-top style, the music, writing, it all fell into place for me. Seeing it become more popular has been great for me. Check it out if you haven't already! (still need to watch Part 5 though, I'm the worst fanboy ever)

Some of my other favourites include Gurren Lagann, Baccano, Berserk, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and more!

As for characters, hands down my favourite character is Eikichi Onizuka from Great Teacher Onizuka. His chill outlook on life and deranged antics never fail to keep me amused.

Pin by Швецов Роман Игоревич on Аниме | Great teacher onizuka, Gto ...

In general, I'm a big fan of sci-fi, fantasy, GAR, cool psychological stuff, and often escapist fiction. But that's not to say I'm not a fan of romance, realistic dramas, magical girl shows... really, if something exists, I'll watch it! I'm not picky about genre. I obviously have my preferences but as a whole, I'm pretty easy.

Here are some of my other interests!

I'd say that's about it for now. Want to know more? Feel free to hit me up and start a conversation! Thanks for dropping by!


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gabrielz8 Oct 12, 2020 I'll definetly take a look at it as soon as possible, thanks for the recommendation!

It's was throught a recommendation, it was said that it's an cute and relaxing Anime, and I like those quite a bit...and I really enjoyed Acchi Kocchi in the end kkk We all need some cute Animes/Mangas in our hearts kkkk

I enjoyed a lot the read, especially considering that it's a read that differs from the standard that we're so used to see, especially with the main couple, in that sense I think it is worth reading, or you can wait for the adaptation, both are great options kkkk

oneegiri Oct 5, 2020

ohh, so, you like drinking vodka? but vodka is too strong, isn't? well, I'm not used to drink alcoholic drinks. just occasionally perhaps, and I always choose light beverages.

akagi? I haven't heard anything about it. is it good? well, rewatching animes are so cool because it means you kinda missed it but have you seen the other new anime lately? it's all good. if you don't mind, I recommend you to watch fire force, the millionaire detective: balance unlimited- if you're into detective stuffs. or the misfit of demon king academy- if you like watching demons or overpowered main characters. so, yeah, regardless of that I've also been rewatching animes recently or just gonna watch the new released anime, that's what I've been doing... and oh, I've already watched servamp a few days ago and I'm watching, black clover, boruto, haikyuu!! s4 pt2 right now, and still waiting for the new episode. but as of now, I've been focusing on reading manga and webtoon.

gabrielz8 Oct 4, 2020

I've heard a lot about Akagi, but I didn't have the time to properly it worth it? (always looking for recommendations =D)

Lately I've been kinda busy (with the channel and my age rs) but I watched Acchi Kocchi and read Horimiya (and enjoyed a lot), have you heard about those?

gabrielz8 Oct 3, 2020

No problem! Thank you as well!

So, watching/reading something good recently?

oneegiri Oct 3, 2020

ohh, I see. now that explains a lot. well, just take care of yourself and don't forget the social distancing UwU

go for a drink, huh? what kind of drinks though? beverages? or milk? lmao. but anyways, kindly check your surroundings just in case you don't missed anything unusual since you said so yourself that this is the world we lived in at the moment. *smiles*

so, regarding about anime, what anime are you watching right now? or what are you currently into?