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"Onegai Muscle" by Hibiki Sakura (Ai Fairuz), & Naruzou Machio (Kaito Ishikawa)

Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru? OP

















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namiisenpai Aug 8, 2019

yeah i totally agree! this season is so exciting ♡

i really like the op and ed from dumbell too, they are my fav from the summer season so far i think.

kyoto animation is also my favorite studio, and when i started watching anime i didn't bother looking into animation studios. i just new that there were a few shows i had watched where the style looked kinda similar. it started when i watched free! i think. later i found out that it was kyoto animation that was making those amazing shows and i just wanted to watch everything they had created. 

i really recommend euphonium! it's such a good show and totally worth it. i started watching clannad recently and i really like it. its rare to find older shows with that quality unfortunately..

the weather here is really bad all of a sudden but i hope you can enjoy the last month of summer! 

look at how beautiful shouko is here! aww i love her so muuuuch! ♡♡♡

Billedresultat for a silent voice gif smike

~ namiisenpai

namiisenpai Aug 5, 2019

hi! i'm writing because i want to know what you think about the summer season, do you like it so far?

i really like vindland saga, dr. stone and dumbell wa nan kilo moteru. i hope you're watching some good series as well

oh, i also have another question, even though it might seem a bit outdated but, what do you think about the kyoani incident?

it made me really depressed, not only because of the lives lost, but also because i don't want them to start all over again, they are working on so many projects right now. but i heard that the data on kyoani's server inside studio 1 was able to recover without any loss so i guess thar cheers me up a little bit.

i hope you are doing well, write me back whenever you feel like it ~ namiisenpai

Relateret billede

(found this k-on! gif and it reminded me how hot it is right now, hope you aren't dying like me)

namiisenpai Jun 22, 2019

ah, i'm so glad you responded! ♡

sorry for the late reply, i haven't looked at my comments 

i mean, if you look at this spring season it isn't as strong as the winter season

we have smaller shows now than last season (10-12 episodes x 10 min) which is aimed at the casual watchers

next season looks decent if you ask me, we have a lot of new iisekai (which im just tired of tbh)

but adaptations of big manga hits like dr. stone and vinland saga

and then just some other continuing series like danmachi 2, teasing master takagi-san 2

we'll only know when it's started so let's hope for the best

Billedresultat for tamako market gif

~ namiisenpai ♡

namiisenpai Jun 20, 2019

hey long time no see! ♡

how have you been? i don’t know if you remember me but i just wanted to say hello since i came across your profile

are you watching any good animes this spring season? im really excited for the summer season that’s right around the corner. it looks like it’s gonna be a really good season filled with new anime!

write me back when you want  ʕ •̀ o •́ ʔ

- namiisenpai

RedDatalGirl May 27, 2019

I think you should start messaging in forums ,there we can talk each other meet new people and so on.