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namiisenpai Dec 22, 2019

i'm so sorry for not replying :( ! i've been so busy with test exams and stuff but it's finally christmas holiday here so i finally have time!

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ok so where to start. we have a lot in common i think. i like to buy figures but i'm very scared of being scammed on the internet so i buy them in real life, that's why my collection isn't really growing. i also want to buy high quality so my collection is small. my manga collection is growing a lot though so that's great. i'm trying to read as much as i can before ordering some more since i tend to do that a lot ><

my favorite subject is history and i like math even though it's hard for me some times. as for music, i  just listen to japanese and sometimes korean, but i think i've told you about myself before and i don't want to repeat myself.

i'm very excited since it'll be christmas eve in 2 days, i can't waiiit! do you celebrate christmas?

also what are you watching rn? are you planning to watch something next season? i hope you are doing well <3

Billedresultat for noragami happy gif

- namiisenpai

Depravedmagi Dec 18, 2019

Hi, fellow Lenalee fan.

namiisenpai Sep 23, 2019

i'm doing great thank you, i love food wars and chihayafuru so i'm looking forward to the continuations of those.

as for the manga i'm buying - it's actually this upcoming weekend, i had to work last weekend so i didn't have time - i'll pick up waiting for spring 1, maid-sama 3&4 and bakuman 1&2, if possible

i love collecting manga but i really don't have the space for it, my room is tiny, i hope to buy some new funiture soon though.

i hope you are doing well and can pick up some other cool series this season, i think no guns life from madhouse will be pretty cool!

write me back when you feel like it, also could you tell me a little bit about yourself? (doesn't have to be personal just music preferences etc.)

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~ namiisenpai

namiisenpai Sep 9, 2019

hey how's it going?

are you planning to watch something cool for this fall season? if not then have you watched a good show recently? (i'd love to hear recommendations)

i feel like i have no free time to watch anime or read manga anymore ;( i've become a senior and have only got 10 months before the exam.

at least i can look foward to next week where i'll be buying some manga ♡

Billedresultat for sound euphonium gif

- namiisenpai ♡

namiisenpai Aug 8, 2019

yeah i totally agree! this season is so exciting ♡

i really like the op and ed from dumbell too, they are my fav from the summer season so far i think.

kyoto animation is also my favorite studio, and when i started watching anime i didn't bother looking into animation studios. i just new that there were a few shows i had watched where the style looked kinda similar. it started when i watched free! i think. later i found out that it was kyoto animation that was making those amazing shows and i just wanted to watch everything they had created. 

i really recommend euphonium! it's such a good show and totally worth it. i started watching clannad recently and i really like it. its rare to find older shows with that quality unfortunately..

the weather here is really bad all of a sudden but i hope you can enjoy the last month of summer! 

look at how beautiful shouko is here! aww i love her so muuuuch! ♡♡♡

Billedresultat for a silent voice gif smike

~ namiisenpai